Titans – S2 Ep1 – Trigon Review

To coin a phrase ‘Titans are back, Bitches!’ and boy are they!! The first episode jumps off right where we left it with Rachel, Gar and evil Dick in the house with Rachel’s father, while Kory and Donna are stuck outside trying to get in.

The beauty of the second series of anything is that you don’t need to spend ages setting anything up you can just jump straight in and hit the ground running and this episode does just that, no messing about we get everyone involved straight away, Hawk, Dove and Jason Todd join Kory and Donna to get into the house and Donna just straight up calls them Titans. I love this, I love how the whole universe is already formed, we get mentions of Superman, Batman and the Justice League.

This episode sets up the season nicely, the first ep feels like the ending of the first seasons story almost like its the second part of last seasons finale. Also we get to see Trigon, properly and realised, maybe not as big as we’re used to from Teen Titans Go or the animated movies but he looks great!

The end is amazing, I don’t want to spoil too much but oh wow!!! I’m so looking forward to this season, the Titans as a fully formed team ready to take on all the challenges that are coming and lets not forget Superboy!

So Bring it on!!

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