Batman: TAS – S1 – It’s Never Too Late Review

A turf war is waging its way through Gotham City between ageing mob boss Arnold Stromwell and the younger and more ruthless Rupert Thorne. Commissioner Gordon believes Thorne will win this battle. Stromwell’s son Joey has also disappeared and he knows Thorne has something to do with it. A meeting between the two mobs is set up at Pete’s diner.

Later that day Thorne and his men are waiting at the diner. Pete throws out a drunk before anyone else arrives. As that drunk is leaving he places a listening device under a table. Thorne tells everyone to act nice to their rivals but after Pete leaves the lights go out and it’ll be all over from Stromwell. Sitting in the Batmobile the drunk hears this. I’m sure you have guessed by now that the drunk was Bruce Wayne.

On his way to the meeting Stromwell has a flashback to his childhood. Both he and his kid brother Michael are playing on the railroad tracks. The flashback ends before Stromwell is seemingly hit by a train. At a nearby church Batman watches Stromwell drive by. Inside Batman has a chat with a priest telling him Arnold is going to need him.

Stromwell and a few of his men finally arrive at the diner. Thorne asks to talk to Stromwell alone. Almost immediately Stromwell starts to beat Thorne up and demands to know where his son is. Thorne swears he does know anything but he has contacts that might and Stromwell calms down. Just at that moment Pete leaves the diner quickly followed by Thorne and his mob. The diner explodes with Stromwell inside.

A few minutes later Batman kicks down the back door of the diner with Stromwell over his shoulder. Stromwell is shocked that he was saved by Batman. Batman carry’s Stromwell over the rooftops of Gotham. Thorne hears that Stromwell survived so he orders his men to finish the job.

Batman explains to Stromwell that he saved him because he has information on the rival gangs in Gotham but Stromwell refuses to become a snitch. Batman knows a way he can make Stromwell talk. He takes to Stromwell to a back ally where he started his career in crime selling drugs. Past the ally Batman makes him go into the Sunrise Foundation (a rehab centre) where he finds his ex-wife Connie and his son Joey. Connie only found out Joey was in rehab thanks to Batman. Stromwell demands revenge on whoever made Joey a drug user. Connie tells him to look in the mirror to find the person he is looking for. Batman wants Stromwell is close down his gang and give the D.A all the info on his rivals.

At his office Stromwell gives Batman incriminating files but Batman realises that they are dummy files. Stromwell pulls a gun on him but before a shot is fired a can of tear gas is thrown through a window. Batman puts on a gas mask and pulls Stromwell to safety. Thorne’s men storm the office but Batman picks a few of them off. In all the chaos Stromwell escapes into a train yard and runs until he trips over a part of the track. The priest tries to help him up but Stromwell won’t let him. Stromwell has another flashback we see that his younger self was not hit by that train because his brother Michael pushed him out of the way but it was at a cost. Michael lost his leg, Michael grew up to become a priest and now he wants to help his brother again. Michael brings Stromwell round and he will do what Batman has asked….well he will but the brothers are ambushed by Thorne. Luckily one batarang later Thorne is knocked over and the police arrive to arrest him. As Gordon arrives Stromwell tells him he would like to make a statement. Maybe his soul can be reformed and he can start a better life for himself and his family. Well it’s never too late to try at least.

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