Titans – S2 Ep2 – Rose Review

If I’m Robin, who are you?

Ok so episode 2 is full of exciting stuff!!! I’m a huge Dick Grayson/Nightwing fan and we are getting so many teases of him becoming Nightwing, with Dick replying to Jason ‘that’s a good question’ giving us the hint that he’s ready to be someone new and I can’t be the only one noticing Dick wearing a blue hoodie with a black jacket over it, giving us some serious Nightwing vibes! Also Brenton Thwaites is the perfect Dick Grayson, you can just see him as Nightwing!

After the end of the last ep and us being introduced to Slade Wilson/Deathstroke this episode we get to meet Rose Wilson/Ravager being chased by the police, after escaping by throwing herself off a building and through a window, she’s rescued by Dick who takes her to Titans Tower looking to help out another possible Titan but is she good or does she follow in her fathers footsteps?

We also get introduced to other characters including Shimmer, another classic Titans enemy, Donna and Kory are on a stakeout doing some superhero crime fighting waiting for her to show up. Shimmer plus the next new character are leading in a very interesting direction! Hank and Dawn are trying to move on with their lives in the country living a normal happy life but it appears a certain Dr Light wont let them!! Now in the comics Shimmer and Dr light along with Shimmers brother Mammoth, Psimon and Gizmo join forces to become the Fearsome Five, I wonder if they’re going to bring them all together in the show, that would be amazing!

So we do get another mention of a character in this ep, which is very intriguing and thats a certain Roy Harper! Roy is a big part of the Titans so having him mentioned more than once is pretty awesome, I do wonder if once Arrow is finished they’ll be able to bring the character into Titans, probably not played by Colton Haynes but who knows what will happen come crossover time!

So many exciting things are being set up for this season and we still haven’t had any Superboy!!!! man I love this show!!


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