Smallville – S1 Ep1 – Pilot Review

Lets Go Crows!

So lets start at the beginning, the beginning of everything that is the CW superheroverse. It all started here with Smallville, without it there would be no Arrowverse today. People do see this show and Arrow as worlds apart but, the crazy thing is, Smallville finished in May 2011 and Arrow started October 2012, that’s not even 18 months later! I was quite shocked when I saw the first trailer for Arrow as I’d gotten so used to Justin Hartley being the Green Arrow that it just seemed odd. But I’m jumping ahead, we’re not there yet, we’re with a fresh faced Tom Welling ready to begin his journey to becoming the greatest superhero of all time….

There’s so much to say about Smallville, first an foremost the characters and casting, the pilot introduces us to everyone we need to know. Tom Welling’s young Clark is perfect, he just looks the part but also plays it so well, unassuming but powerful while kind and empathetic – he’s awesome. Michael Rosenbaum’s Lex is incredible, we will see as we revisit the series going forward how he turns into the evil Lex but right now he’s just young man trying to break out from under his fathers shadow. Kristin Kreuk’s Lana is exactly what you’d expect from that character, a sweet farm girl who Clark is besotted with. Her character goes through a lot of changes, but as we begin she’s exactly as you’d see in the comics. After that we have the supporting cast Jonathan and Martha Kent played by the amazing John Schneider and Superman 3’s Annette O’toole. It’s great to have a Superman Alum part of the cast and she wont be the only one 😉 John Glover’s Lionel Luthor is awesome a character that really adds gravitas to the series and his relationship with Lex is so very well done. We do have a few more characters like Pete (Sam Jones III) Chloe (Allison Mack……..we’ll talk about her at some point) and Whitney (Eric Johnson) and they each shine at some point so we will delve more into them when the time is right!

I always enjoyed Smallville’s nods to the larger DC Universe but didn’t notice a lot of them until the much later series, but one of the first things we see in this ep is Lionel reading a paper with the headline ‘Queen Industries CEO Missing Presumed Dead.’ Considering that comes into play much later I got a real kick out of it! I’ll try and put in a DC nod in each of these reviews.

So Episode 1 introduces us to characters, sets up the story that we all know and love and gives you a little bit of an insight into how the first couple of seasons run. We discover meteor freak of the week, which I don’t hate, it’s a great way to build the characters while pushing along the main storyline. There is some early 2000’s CGI which doesn’t hold up that great but it is used sparingly and does get better. Kryptonite makes an appearance straight away and displays of some of Clark’s powers that he’s discovered already. All in all this is a great pilot and really got me excited for the rewatch of this show!

So strap in for this journey with me as we revisit one of my all time favourite superhero TV shows, it’s gonna be a long one with 216 more episodes to go but man it’s gonna be fun!

Up next ‘Metamorphosis’


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