Titans – S2 Ep4 – Aqualad Review

Nice teamwork

Just doing my job

So we leave behind the current Titans this week and jump back 5 years and join the original Titans, the usual suspects are there Robin, Hawk, Dove and Wonder Girl but they are joined by Garth aka Aqualad and we begin to find out why the Titans disbanded and their reluctance to reform in present day.

Seeing the original Titans go up against bad guys and Dr Light in the episode was awesome, you can see how well they work together and what Dick is trying to achieve with the new team, the addition of Aqualad is cool, we haven’t seen anyone with his kinda powers in this show before and his costume is quality!

We also get to meet Jericho, Deathstoke’s son, in this episode, he clearly has a connection to the story and I wonder if the next episode will continue this back in time story or if we’ll jump back to present day and they’ll tease this out a bit?

Either way, great episode, gives even more back story to everything and gives this season even more gravitas, man I love this show!

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