The Flash 90s – Ep13 – Tina, Is that you? Review

This is an episode I have not been looking forward to. I can hear you now “But Jamie I thought you loved The Flash TV show” I do but this episode along with episode 2 Out of Control are the two exceptions to the rule. This has nothing to do with the acting especially as Amanda Pays is great as Tina and she gets to show another side of Tina’s personality. It’s just that the story doesn’t click with me and that other side of Tina is one I would not like to see again.

Its 2am and Barry is awoken by someone at his door. That someone happens to be Tina. She tells Barry that she couldn’t sleep as she has a confession to make, she loves Barry. They kiss (it’s about time) and they are about to talk about their relationship going forward but they hear a lady screaming outside. The lady has been mugged by a masked assailant. The Flash catches up to the mugger. The mugger pulls off their mask and The Flash is shocked to see that it’s Tina. Tina tells The Flash that see despises him, she made him, she can speed him up, she can slow him down, she can let him live and she can make him die. At this point Tina pulls a gun on The Flash…..roll titles. As Tina pulls the trigger Barry wakes up in bed sweating.

At S.T.A.R Labs Barry explains to Tina that he is having trouble sleeping, she suggests that she transfers some alpha waves (neural oscillations that help us relax) from her mind to Barry’s, it would help him relax and get some sleep. It just so happens that she has a Bio feedback machine to help her do that. Tina and Barry are hooked up to the machine and as the transference happens Barry starts to have flashbacks from his dream the night before. He sees the Tina who loved him and the Tina who hated him. As the evil Tina shoots him he screams NO and the machine overloads causing it to explode and throw Tina from her chair and renders her unconscious.

A few hours later at the hospital a doctor tells Barry that Tina will be ok but she needs some rest, he suggests that Barry should go home and do the same. A nurse brings Tina some tea and breakfast but uncharacteristically Tina pours the tea on the floor, demands coffee and throws the breakfast on the floor. Barry arrives with some flowers but now Tina is acting like her normal self (something isn’t right here).

At the crime lab Julio has figured out that it was a faulty circuit board that caused Tina’s accident. He reminds Barry about a blind date he has set up for him. Barry brings up all the failed blind dates in the past including one with person who thought she was a reincarnated Babylonian Priestess. Julio assures Barry that his date (Lisa) is great and she is an architectural designer. As always Julio convinces Barry to go through with the date.

On his way home Barry hears a police despatch report about a robbery at a fur exchange. The Flash arrives to find The Black Rose Gang loading fur into a car. One of them (Harley, no not Quinn) tries to shoot him but The Flash is a lot faster than a speeding bullet and ties the gang up in the fur they had stolen. After The Flash has left Bellows and Murphy arrive to arrest the gang but they overpower the officers and escape. The gang manage to outrun the police in their car but The Flash has set up a road block for them. Ignoring calls to stop Harley tires to run The Flash over but ends up crashing the car and killing herself. The two remaining members Shauna and Janie escape and disappear.

From her hospital bed Tina is watching a news report about the gang and the death of their leader Harley. Tina wonders if the gang needs a new leader.

Barry visits Tina and she gets angry when he mentions his date with Lisa and he won’t cancel it so he can bring Tina Chinese food instead. When Barry asks her what is going on she pretends that she was joking. I don’t think Barry was convinced.

At their hideout in a tattoo parlour Shauna and Janie argue over what to do next. Janie wants to skip town but Shauna decides to get revenge on The Flash first. Tina checks out of the hospital but before she does she punches her favourite nurse in the face.

Barry’s date with Lisa is going very well. He invites her into his apartment and let’s just say they are having a great time until Tina interrupts them. Tina claims that she is getting married to Barry. As Barry tries to explain that they are not Lisa slaps him and storms off. Barry demands an explanation from Tina. She says that she is teaching him a lesson. She is tired of being treated like dirt by Barry and if he tries to make her go back to the hospital she will tell everyone that he is The Flash.

Tina finds the gang at the tattoo parlour and she explains to them that she can help them with their Flash problem.

Barry has left Tina 10 answer phone messages but she has not called back. Julio found a package for Barry from Tina; it’s a videotape which they watch together. I thought it was a little weird that Barry let Julio watch it as anything could have been on that tape including his information on his double life. On the tape Tina apologises to Barry and tells him that she is going to stay with her sister for a while until she feels better. Julio thinks problem solved but Barry seems a little bit suspicious. Julio has good news for Barry; Lisa has been told that Barry isn’t getting married to Tina so she is willing to give him another chance. They have another date set up.

Just as Barry and Lisa meet up for their date at a sushi bar the bank across the street is being robbed. Barry goes over to investigate. Inside the bank Tina (who is wearing a mask) and her new associates are grabbing all the money they can. The Flash arrives but Tina is ready for him. She shoots him with a dart which slows him down and the gang get away. Outside Tina sees Lisa and the gang kidnap her.

Tina reveals herself to Lisa. Lisa thinks she has been kidnapped because Tina has a crazy infatuation with Barry but Tina grabbed her because she knows Lisa is the perfect bait to lure The Flash.

Barry tests the compound in the dart and discovers that it contained a concentrated form of insulin and that caused a rapid but brief slowdown of The Flash’s speed. Julio has the prints from the gun which shot The Flash and Barry discovers that they belong to (shock horror) Tina.

Tina phones Barry and demands that he meets her at the old Central City power building or Lisa dies. The Flash arrives and sees Tina with the gang. He grabs her and tries to talk sense into her. Tina pretends to be her old self but she tricks The Flash and locks him in a room with Lisa. Tina floods the room with gas but The Flash reverses the flow of a fan and it blows the gas back out of the room. He then uses the fan to cut his way out. As The Flash was saving them Lisa overheard the gang talking about the tattoo parlour and she tells The Flash. Before they leave the building The Flash notices that the poison used in the gas was non lethal.

The Flash makes it to the parlour (I assume he dropped Lisa off somewhere safe) and he removes the wheel nuts from the gangs car. The Flash finds Tina and runs off with her. The gang try to follow but the wheels fly off of the car and they are arrested.

Barry knows the real Tina is still there so he connects Tina and himself to the repaired Bio feedback machine. Inside their connected minds The Flash reasons with the evil dream version of Tina and she breaks down crying. In the real world Barry disconnects them from the machine and hugs Tina.

Barry finally gets a proper date with Lisa before she fly’s back to Chicago. Later he tells Tina that he has covered for her so she will have no issues with the police. She thanks Barry and tells him that if he ever has trouble sleeping again try a warm glass of milk.
By the way Lisa was played by Yvette Nipar, a great actress who also played Robocop’s partner Detective Lisa Madigan in the Robocop TV show. I loved that show too.

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