The Flash – S6 Ep1 – Into The Void Review

I am so happy – we’re back in the Arrowverse!!

The season 6 premiere brings new characters, new problems and the most incredible musical interlude I’ve seen on television. We feel the loss of Nora the whole way through this episode. Barry and Iris are struggling to come to terms with loosing her and although they know they will meet her again at some point, it’s no consolation to them.

There’s a big spotlight on Caitlin this week. Ralph intervenes when he notices that she’s loosing control of her frosty powers. Caitlin has a big realisation which results in Killer Frost being given the driving wheel for the first time. Caitlin also introduces us to an old friend. She meets Ramsey Rosso, played by the fab Sendhil Ramamurthy. They meet under sad circumstances but it would seem he had plans for their reunion. The end of the episode shows an interesting twist on Ramsey’s character.

We also meet Chester P. Runk whose science smarts even impress super brain Cisco. His experimenting causes him to create black holes. It’s the black holes which push Barry to save the city once again, giving us one of the best scenes we’ve ever seen on The Flash. As Cisco helps Barry through his ear as usual he gives us a moment which makes you smile, laugh and cheer! I won’t spoil it but it was a lot of fun.

The Monitor arrives with a message for Barry as the episode comes to an end. It’s not great, but then when are his visits ever a positive experience? It does start to set up The Crisis crossover though and the excitement for that is already reaching maximum levels.

This was a great start to season 6 – full of emotion, new threats and the usual well placed comedic moments we’ve come to really enjoy. I must also mention that after all the panic of Carlos Valdes possibly leaving I’m just so happy that he’s still part of the show. And without his powers he’s returned to the Cisco we all fell in love with. The new additions to the cast make a great impact. I can’t wait to see where we go with Ramsey who has the potential to be a brilliant villain for the show and I also hope we get to see much more of Brandon McKnight as Chester!

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