Titans – S2 Ep6 – Conner Review

Just remember that people are not what they say they’re going to do

He’s here, Superboy is finally here! And what an episode!! This whole ep is all about Conner Kent, who he is and what that means not just for himself but the world.

Being a huge Superman fan I was very interested which way they were going to going with this version of Superboy, there’s so many versions to choose from even just with clone versions of him, but this version is very much the Teen Titans version first introduced in Teen Titans #1 in 2003 where he is cloned from Superman and Lex Luthor. I did kinda assume they were doing this version as it gives the character so much depth and character arc possibilities.

So it’s clear that Conner has some issues, he doesnt just have duelling personalities inside him between Lex and Superman, but he also has some of their memories this leads to an amazing scene at a farm in Smallville……I’m not saying much more than that but, amazing. I loved how this episode explored who Conner is and who he should or shouldn’t be, I had a theory of how this episode would end and tie into the main storyline of Titans and I pretty much nailed it, though there was a twist at the end that could go a few ways. Also Joshua Orpin crushes it as Conner Kent.

This episode gives you everything a Superman fan could want, we get Metropolis, the Daily Planet, a brief glimpse of Ma Kent, Kryptonite, Mercy Graves, the symbol loud and proud and Krypto, ahh Krypto what a good boy he is, he gets involved just when you need him and is definitely the third main character of this episode.

Overall I loved this episode, introducing Superboy to the Titans is definitely going to add a new element to the team and its very exciting!

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