Batman: TAS – S1 – I’ve got Batman in my basement Review

So many children dream of meeting a superhero but how many children get to save a superhero? Aspiring detective Sherman and his friend Roberta get that chance but how will they do?

A couple of goons have stolen a Fabergé Egg but before they can get away Batman confronts them on the roof. As Batman is about to apprehend them a giant vulture attacks him. He manages to fight the vulture off but the goons have escaped. The only clue he can find at the scene is some birdseed. So we have an egg, a vulture and birdseed, who could be behind this? If I was a betting man I’d say it was The Clock King.

In the Gotham suburbs Sherman and his friend Roberta are looking through a Jr Detective kit. Two local bully’s (Frank and Nick) arrive and start mucking about with the kit. Frank tries out a pair of binoculars and sees a very large bird. Roberta grabs the binoculars off him and passes them to Sherman. He looks at the bird and notes that it’s a giant South American vulture. Wondering what the vulture is doing in Gotham Sherman and Roberta follow it on their bikes.

The pair end up at an old abandoned birdseed factory and sneak in. Inside, the goons are waiting for their boss. Up on a gantry the Jr Detectives watch as he appears and just as I predicted it’s the Clock……oh it’s The Penguin (ok that makes more sense). He feeds the vulture which he calls Scrap and gets the egg from his goons. Sherman recognises as the Von Ulster Fabergé Egg and tells Roberta that it’s worth a fortune. They start to leave so they can tell the police. Scrap spots them and is about to swoop but Batman throws a net over it. Batman swings past Penguin and grabs the egg. He then proceeds to dump a load of birdseed on Penguin and his goons. Sherman accidentally sets off a conveyor belt which he and Roberta are standing on. They are nearly dragged to their doom but Batman saves them just in time. He takes them to the exit and tells them to get out quickly. He goes back to apprehend the Penguin but he gets gassed by one of Penguin’s special umbrellas. Batman makes it to the exit but he is in some distress. He pushes a button on his utility belt and the Batmobile pulls up beside him. He gets in and passes out. The children run over to the Batmobile and get in too. Sherman starts to press all the buttons on the Batmobile’s console so they can get away. Eventually with Roberta’s help he manages to drive away.

They take Batman to Sherman’s house and put him on a couch in the basement. Batman tries to talk but he is still weakened from Penguin’s gas. Sherman thinks he said captured but he reassures Batman that he is safe. Batman tries again and gets out the word visor which leaves the children confused.

Scrap is searching the city for Batman and his new friends. Penguin explains that his gas will keep the bat down for a week. Sherman’s mum checks in on the children before she goes to the store, Roberta tells her what happened but she thinks they are just playing a game and leaves. Seconds later Frank and Nick are mucking about outside and discover the Batmobile buried under some cardboard boxes. They get inside and start playing with it. Sherman runs up and tells them to leave it alone. Frank pulls down a visor and finds some capsules. Sherman works out what Batman was trying to say, it wasn’t captured it was capsule. Sherman grabs the capsules just before Scrap arrives and tries to get him. Sherman makes it to the basement and gives Batman a capsule. Frank and Nick join them in the basement just as Penguin pulls up outside the house. Roberta tries to call the police but Scrap had already disabled the phone line.

Penguin and his goons break into the house and start to tear it apart as the hunt for the egg. Meanwhile Sherman and company go through Batman’s utility belt to try and find something to help them. They set a few traps which take out the goons and they even manage to tie Penguin up but he isn’t tied up for long thanks to a blade in his umbrella. He chases them down to the basement and finds the egg. Penguin is about to kill Batman but he finally recovers in time and has a sword fight with Penguin. Well I say sword fight but Batman had to improvise so he used a screwdriver and he still won. Sherman’s mum arrives to find her house wrecked, she gets another shock when she finds Batman in the basement. On behalf of his mum Sherman asks Batman if he is single.

The next day Sherman puts up a couple of newspaper clippings on his notice board. One clipping is about Penguins capture by pint sized Pinkertons the other is about Gotham Zoo acquiring a rare vulture. Sherman, Roberta, Frank and Nick now work together in their very own jr detective agency.

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