Black Lightning – S3 Ep2 – The Book of Occupation: Chapter Two: Maryam’s Tasbih Review

Freeland remains under the oppressive thumb of the ASA and the Markovian threat becomes real in this week’s gloomy, drama filled episode of Black Lightning.

The state of Freeland continues to be dire as the ASA tightens their grip on the city. O’Dell via Commander Williams puts pressure on Deputy Chief Henderson, who continues to passively resist. Henderson holds a press conference announcing all outgoing communications are now prohibited. This doesn’t stop Jamillah Olsen (Adetinpo Thomas) however, as she secretly broadcasts trying to inspire her viewers to fight back against this oppression.

Back at the ASA facility, Jefferson and Lynn are at odds over the current situation with O’Dell and the ASA. Pierce is skeptical and urges Lynn to see the duplicitous nature of the ASA. Lynn tells him that she knows this, but still asks him to trust her. Also, after a brief confrontation with Commander Williams, they are allowed to send a message to their daughters. In addition, they are granted a new room called a niche, that is set up to have all of their favorite amenities. Jefferson and Lynn later try to help Maryam, the camouflage meta-human, who is in poor health. After she collapses when training, Pierce questions her about the true nature of the facility. The young meta reveals that O’Dell has been forcing metas to fight each other in order to prepare them for the war, which is happening sooner than they realize.

Speaking of the war, Markovians under the leadership of Colonel Yuri Mosin (Thomas K. Belgry) begin to plot their next move.
Back at the police station, Williams causes more problems for Henderson when he arrives and arrests Detective King, who according to intel, is a green light user and possible metahuman. The Chief’s day gets even more hectic when Gambi enlists him to help him retrieve a device that will allow him to contact Anissa, whom he reveals is outside of the ASA barrier. They are successful and Gambi makes contact.

In the Perdi land, Anissa finds herself at odds with Anaya (Burgindi Baker) and her father Thierry (Warren “WAWA” Snipe), whom she made a deal with for safe passage through their woods. Gambi contacts Anissa warning her about incoming Markovian soldiers. With his guidance, Anissa successfully fights them off.

Back at the Pierce home, Jennifer deals with Anissa’s disappearance and her parents still unable to return home. She also reminisces about Khalil. O’Dell randomly shows up to give her the message from her parents. He tells her that they are on the same side and to call if she needs anything at all. Later, she breaks up a fight at school to try to regain order.
Meanwhile, LaLa begins to regain control over the 100 Gang by striking fear into their hearts.

This crazy episode ends with a very much alive Khalil, under orders from O’Dell, being sent to kill his mother, due to the control chip in his head.

Overall, this was yet another fantastic episode of Black Lightning. I am really enjoying the central conflict of the season so far which involves the danger and necessity of the ASA.. It is difficult to pick sides as both Lynn and Jefferson are right. The ASA’s occupation is most definitely terrible, but without their resources the meta kids will die. The show continues to set up interesting themes and story threads which I hope are executed well. So far, I am on board with it all. This episode once again had great action, acting, direction, and character drama. Looking forward to next week’s episode!

Come back next week for another recap and review of Black Lightning here on Earth-9!

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