The Flash – S6 Ep2 – A Flash of the Lightning Review

The Flash really is setting up the Crisis crossover very nicely and a lot sooner than I expected. Following that awful announcement last week from The Monitor, Barry decides to travel through time to the day after he is due to go missing. Not a great idea as he’s blasted with anti matter and ends up having to visit Jay Garrick on Earth-3.

It’s always great to have John Wesley-Shipp show up and he helps Barry get the answers he needs. Barry sees a future similar to what we saw at the end of this week’s Arrow and after witnessing billions of outcomes he realises that he must die in order for everyone else to survive. Well we kind of know that isn’t necessarily true after the deal Oliver Queen previously cut with The Monitor. There is a lot of emotion going on in this episode. Iris and Joe both try to build him up with a good talking to but it would appear that Barry is all consumed with the fear of what’s about to happen.

My favourite moment this week came from Killer Frost who thanks to Caitlin taking a step back, is able to make choices and live a proper life for the first time. The frost is beginning to thaw as Ralph introduces her to the process of expressing herself through art. Her first attempt is so cute, it even makes me smile writing about it now. Cisco praises her efforts and names her Vincent Van Snow. I always enjoy the friendship between Caitlin and Cisco and it’s really nice to Ralph fit in with that. They’ve kind of become a team within the team.

There’s also a new career path set up for Cecile and Ramsey continues his experimentation journey, which isn’t going great so far.

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