Wonder Woman Bloodlines Review

I take it you’re not staying for dinner? – Ferdinand

I am a huge fan of DC’s animated movies and Bloodlines is another awesome addition to this series!

This movie is connected to all the ones that have come before it like Justice League Crisis on Two Earths, Doom, War, Death of Superman just to name a few! I love how connected this universe is, all the stories make reference to the ones before but then we can take the time to focus on individual characters like Wonder Woman in Bloodlines.

Everything you could want from a Wonder Woman movie is here, we start with a flashback to an origin story not unlike what we saw in the live action movie, with Steve Trevor crashing on Themyscira and Diana leaving the island to go to the world of man to help save it, but then we get thrown into a story filled with heart, comedy, action and Wonder Womans own rogues gallery including Dr Poison, Giganta, Dr Cyber, Cheetah and more.

We also get plenty of Steve Trevor who I have always seen as Diana’s version of Lois Lane, humans who help the heroes see humanity but can also kick-ass with the best of them, lets also not forget Etta Candy who is a great addition to this film and the end sees her get exactly what she wants and that made me chuckle 🙂

I’m not gonna lie I did not see how the last third of this movie was gonna play out, I thought it was going to go one way and then a huge curveball is literally dropped out of the sky and it just added a whole extra level of wow to the film and left me feeling properly satisfied with the conclusion.

This film is awesome, a great addition to the animated universe and Rosario Dawson crushes it as Wonder Woman, all the voice actors in this film are great Warner Bros always know exactly who to cast but Michael Dorn and the character he plays is my absolute favourite 😀

If you love the DC animated Universe, then you need to check out this film asap

Wonder Woman Bloodlines is out now to own on Digital and Blu-ray/DVD releasing on Monday (21st October) Pre-Order here at Warner Bros Store UK

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