Supergirl – S5 Ep3 – Blurred Lines Review

Blurred lines is definitely an appropriate title for this emotional and mind centered episode. This exciting chapter finds our heroes dealing with a new alien that has attached itself to a former military sniper named Caroline O’Connor as well as the continued threat that is Malefic J’onnz.

The episode opens with William Dey meeting with Dr. Niles Jerrod, the man in the photos from the previous episode. Dey warns the scientist to not blow him off again. Jerrod ignores him and ends up hooking up with O’Connor, who murders him in the bathroom with a spider tattoo. The next day, at CatCo, Andrea asks for clickbait stories and Franklin suggests they run one on the mysterious death of Dr. Jerrod. Kara agrees, but is shut down hard by both Dey and Rojas. Dey claims he looked into it already and there is no story there. Kara, knowing he lied, confronts him later, but he refuses to answer her questions.

Following this interesting encounter, Kara and Lena try to reconnect over lunch, which she gathered from all of Lena’s favorite European destinations. Lena tells her that she is still having trouble dealing with Lex’s death and that having his journals would be a great help to her. Kara offers to retrieve them for her. The only problem is that they are being kept at a highly secure government facility behind a bunch of legal red tape. Kara still promises to get them for her.

Meanwhile, Malefic poses as an old military friend of Kelly’s (guest star Sean Astin) and visits her at Obsidian. He is desperate for help concerning his “PTSD” and “migraines.” Kelly is able to sneak him in for examination and in the process of the memory mapping, discovers his true identity. Malefic’s powers of inception are restored and he attempts to make comitt suicide. J’onn as able to stop him and the two argue in Martian. Malefic escapes even though Kelly, via their memory mapping connection, can see him even when shapeshifted.

Prior to this encounter, J’onn invites Nia to help him in retrieving his lost memories about Malefic. Their first mind journey shows a young Malefic being bullied by other Martian children for not being able to connect to the hive mind. He lashes out with his mind control abilities and is banished by his father, Mry’nn (guest star Carl Lumbly!!!) to a sealed room. J’onn sees that this played a part in Malefic’s defection which in turn caused Myr’nn great pain. At first, J’onn believes that in his anguish, Myr’nn wiped the memory of Malefic from the Martian consciousness, but in actuality it was J’onn himself. J’onn is distraught over committing this cardinal sin in Martian culture having essentially killing his brother.

Elsewhere, Kara and James team up and discover the details about Jerrod’s murder which lead them to O’Connor. After a few scuffles, they are able to prevent the death of her next target. However, before they are able to capture and question her, a blur rushes by and O’Connor is killed.

Following these two battles, Team Supergirl deems it prudent to send Kelly away to prevent Malefic from exploiting their connection. James takes her safely away from National City. Kara successfully steals Lex’s journals as well as one of his smart watches and delivers them to an appreciative Lena, who has Eve/Hope analyze them revealing QWaves research. Elsewhere, Dey meets with a mysterious man, who passes him a wad of cash and tells him to keep it going.

Also, this episode featured a fun yet sad subplot featuring Brainy and Nia’s relationship. Throughout the episode, Nia struggles with telling Brainy to cool it with the poems and more. By the end, she finally gathers the courage and tells him it’s all a bit too much. Brainy is deeply hurt saying that he thought she wanted him to be one hundred percent himself. He sadly tells her that is all I can be and leaves.

All in all, this was yet another fantastic episode of Supergirl. Great action, mystery, drama, and more. David Harewood shines once again in this emotional Martian filled episode the highlight of which was the Martian memory sequence featuring the return of the great Carl Lumbly ad Myr’nn. Both Harewood and Lumbly deliver incredibly moving performances. Speaking of guest stars, it was awesome to see Sean Astin appear on the show as well. Overall, this episode did a stellar job of continuing the themes of the season and providing more intrigue and drama. I can’t wait to see where the story takes us next.

Come back next week for another recap and review of Supergirl here at Earth -9!

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