Arrow – S8 Ep2 – Welcome to Hong Kong Review

Episode two is action packed whilst not neglecting the repercussions and hard emotions felt by the destruction of Earth 2 last week. Waking up in Hong Kong, on his own Earth, Oliver is visited by The Monitor with instructions of their next mission, as well as a warning to obey his commands or else. A mission to find Dr Robert Wong means Oliver stumbles across some familiar faces once again. The guest appearance of Tatsu really brings you back to Oliver’s past and there are some great scenes with her.

This was another great episode which had so many nods to Arrow’s history. It was fitting for Oliver to come face to face with China White again, one of his original foes and in my opinion a much needed appearance as we say goodbye to the show. Lyla was back initially helping Laurel who is desperate to fix Cisco’s devise to get back to Earth 2 and help any survivors. She is devastated once she accepts that her home is no more – Katie Cassidy is great this week and it’s great to have more focus placed on Laurel. We are really seeing her in a different light which pays so much justice to the character. I must also add that David Ramsey was a total badass in the fight scenes during the episode.

The flash forwards see the team trying to find John Jr and appeal to his better side. How stupid – he doesn’t have one. Connor takes him for a walk down memory lane and it just seems to anger him even more. Charlie Barnett was a great casting move as Diggle’s son. Part of me thinks the show would have benefitted from a whole episode dedicated to the flash forwards instead of slotting it in with each episode. I like them, but they do act as a distraction for the main story and if we’re honest, Oliver’s journey with The Monitor is everything we want to see.

As the episode wraps up we learn that Lyla has been working with The Monitor and it’s evident that they have a plan which Oliver is playing out for them. Intriguing!! It just isn’t fair to have to wait a whole week for the next episode.

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