The Flash – S6 Ep3 – Dead Man Running Review

One thing The Flash is doing really well this season is giving us loads of emotion as well as bundles of action. Barry continues to struggle in the knowledge that he has to die for the rest of the world to survive and with Iris by his side, they break the news to the rest of the team.

This was a great episode for Ralph and Frost. Both totally shone and Danielle Panabaker has has completely owned this season so far. Frost probably has the worst reaction to Barry’s news and kind of flies off the rails. Since Caitlin gave her free reign she’s become childlike – experiencing everything for the first time and there’s so much she’s still looking forward to.

We meet Ralph’s mum, Debbie, who is attested on suspicion of theft. We were promised some backstory for Ralph this season and this is the beginnings of that. Hartley Sawyer was brilliant! We also meet our new Harrison Wells who seems very feisty and is on a mission to find eternium particles. Could this be part of the Crisis we’re about to experience?

Ramsey is on the hunt for more dark matter and the beast he unleashed in Romero is on the loose which is causing problems for Team Flash. Frost unleashes her full force on Ramsey but on the plus side this means he finds a way into Star Labs and make a connection with Barry.

There’s a lovely moment at the end of the episode where Barry throws Frost her very first birthday party which everyone was clearly enjoying. It was great to see them all let their hair down and have some fun.

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