Supergirl – S5 Ep4 – In Plain Sight Review

Secrets are revealed as the battle between brothers reaches its boiling point in this exciting episode of Supergirl!

The DEO set a trap for Malefic, but they are unsuccessful in capturing the rogue martian. He is able to phase through the blast from the Phantom Zone projector and override the psychic inhibitors. Alex, frustrated over this, suggests that they use a blaster created by Hank Henshaw specifically designed to kill martians. J’onn and the team are against it due to the potential of it being used against J’onn by an incepted person.

Brainy, needing the distraction, entrenches himself in working on fixing the projector and inhibitors with some help from Lena. Luthor uses this opportunity to gain information and data to further her own nefarious goals.

Meanwhile, James and Kelly take refuge in Calvintown. They return to their Aunt’s home where they lived after the death of their father. There they meet Simon, a young boy whose family is a victim of the town’s corruption. After meeting with him, James ultimately discovers what his next step is in his journey.

Elsewhere, Malefic is able to get around the martian protocols at the DEO and incept Alex. With the angry martian in her head, she accuses J’onn of letting her be blamed for the Kelly situation when in reality he is responsible for everything. She tells him that he is in fact the real monster for letting them suffer.

Meanwhile, Kara and Nia investigate William Dey. Nia discovers that William has been lying about almost everything including his marriage. Their investigation leads Kara to Mexico City where Supergirl foils an assassination attempt on Elena Torres, a top accountant for Obsidian Worldwide. She sees Dey there and assumes that he was carrying out the hit. Once back in National City,

Kara and Nia discover that Torres’ death was faked. They also find an encrypted address. Dey is connected to several things that appear criminal, however, it turns out he is actually working for good. Kara arrives at the address which is a practically empty except for a bulletin board with stuff connecting to Rojas. Dey shows up and begs Kara to leave it be. Kara presses him for the truth. Dey reveals that he is undercover for the Times investigating Rojas, who is possibly linked to a criminal conspiracy akin to that of Al Capone. He tells her it pained him to lie to her about everything, but it was necessary.

Earlier, Kara returns to the DEO and finds a distraught J’onn. He reveals to her the truth about the memory wipe. He also tells her about his painful conversation with Alex. He understands why Nia had to tell Alex. Kara says that Nia couldn’t have told Alex as she was with her all day. They both realize that Alex has been incepted. Also, the anti-martian weapons along with Alex are missing!! J’onn reaches out psychically and Malefic tells him to come to the planetarium. J’onn arrives to a presentation of anti-J’onn propaganda with some people watching. J’onn tries to reason with him. He begs his brother for forgiveness, but it is not accepted. Team Supergirl arrives and they are successfully able to return him to the Phantom Zone, or so they thought. In actuality, Lena, in her recalibration of the projector, set it to send Malefic to her lab where she will use him in her own project.

Meanwhile, the rest of team Supergirl go out for drinks to celebrate their victory. This get together also serves as a sendoff for Jimmy Oslen, who reveals his intentions to return to Calvintown to help the people there. Later, he takes up his position as the new publisher of the Calvintown Gazette.

Overall, this was yet another enjoyable and well crafted episode. Well written, great action, intriguing mystery, and stellar acting as usual. I wasn’t expecting this episode to be the last for Mehcad Brooks as Jimmy Olsen. The show has not always handled the character well, but this was a fitting sendoff. I like that he ultimately finds peace in helping the people. I also found the Martian drama to be fascinating once again. David Harewood continues to deliver incredible performances.

Can’t wait to see what’s next especially given the Dey reveal which casts a new light on Andrea Rojas!

Come back next week for another recap and review of Supergirl here on Earth-9!

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