Arrow – S8 Ep3 – Leap of Faith Review

This season of Arrow really is going from strength to strength. This episode revisits Oliver’s past even further, reuniting him with some great characters whilst colliding with the future in a huge way. Katie Cassidy also makes her directorial debut on the show this week and gives us an episode which is pure, classic Arrow and in particular the final scene is shot, acted and directed superbly. A job well done!
Leap of Faith finally brings Willa Holland back to our screens as Oliver’s sister, Thea. We last saw her leave Star City with Roy and Nyssa on a mission to destroy all remaining lazarus pits. I was so excited after it was announced that Thea would be returning and her appearance in this episode doesn’t disappoint. She’s been successful and has parted ways with Nyssa who has gone off on her next fight for justice and Roy who is still trying to find redemption for killing those two men at the end of season 7. The on screen chemistry between Stephen and Willa is so natural and you really believe that even though they’ve been apart for a long time, there’s a bond between them that can’t be destroyed. It was exciting to hear him say ‘Hi Speedy’ again and more than anything, it was nice to know that Thea is doing ok! My only gripe is that with both Willa and Colton Haynes confirmed to appear this season, we didn’t have Thea and Roy on screen together.
Talia Al Ghul also returns to help them get answers about The Monitor’s true intentions. This gives us elements of The League of Assassins and Oliver’s complicated past with them. There’s double crossing (as you’d expect) and lessons to be learnt.
Still in Hong Kong, Diggle and Lyla have their own mission going on when they work hard to protect a young Connor Hawke and his mother. After last week’s Lyla reveal I’m kind of on the edge of my seat, scared that she’s going to do something bad. This was a nice element to season 8 and I hope we get to see the whole story of them taking Connor on as their own.
I’ve seen moans and groans about the future storyline going through this season but it had a complete pay off this week and the episode ended with quite possibly the most exciting scene ever on Arrow. Mia, William, Connor and Zoe are working quick to stop JJ before his plan is really set in motion. This doesn’t end well for Zoe at all but a flash of light changes everything. In real-time, Oliver appears back at the Arrow bunker where Dinah and Rene are shocked to see him. He turns around though to see William, Mia and Connor and the look on William’s face speaks for us all! This is MEGA and I need to see episode 4 RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!

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