Black Lightning – S3 Ep4 – The Book Of Occupation, Chapter 4: Lynn’s Ouroboros Review

Jefferson witnesses the occupation firsthand and helps Anissa save a group of suspected metas. Odell continues to bend people to his will leading to a possible cure for the virus.

The season is honestly becoming my favorite of the series so far. Even though we are only four episodes in, the show has already improved in every aspect.

This stellar episode opens with Lynn desperately trying to come up with a cure for the meta virus. She believes she is failing the pod kids and the sick metas. However, she eventually is successful in creating a vaccine based on Green Light. She was able to extract the negative parts of the drug in a similar fashion to the extraction of THC from marijuana. In the process, she unknowingly becomes addicted to the drug having tested it on herself trying to stay awake. It is later revealed that Odell set this up having laced the wine in the Pierce’s niche. Her unwavering desire to work begins to put a strain on her relationship with Jefferson.

Meanwhile, Jefferson sees the terrible conditions brought about by the occupation. On the way to school, he witnesses a, ASA takedown and starts to power up, but Jen keeps him calm. Once at school, he is informed that while he was away, the ASA has demoted him and reassigned him to the role of guidance counselor. This demotion somehow came with a pay raise as well as a better office which greatly upset Principal Lowery. Jefferson grows increasingly snarky and rebellious, but restrains himself so as to keep his family out of the camps. After seeing a video of Blackbird, Jefferson visits Anissa. He is instead greeted by Grace, who tells him she will be home soon. Anissa comes down stairs still in her Blackbird suit which angers Jefferson. They then have an argument about her superhero exploits and her treatment of her identity. The argument is too much for Grace who freaks out and transforms. Anissa comforts her and Jefferson later realizes he was out of line. He returns later to ask for her help in saving one of his students.

Speaking of the school, this was perhaps the highlight of the episode. Earlier, Jennifer is visited by Odell once again. She questions the truth about the Markovian threat and wants to see proof. Odell sends her a link to a video showing graphic genocide which crushes her. In class, Jennifer takes the side of the ASA in a debate on the occupation with her fellow classmates. She begins to have doubts, however, when the ASA storms in a forcibly takes a student named Tayvon, claiming he is a meta. Principal Lowery is injured when he attempts to stop them from taking him.

Jefferson, Anissa, Henderson, and Gambi team up and successfully rescue the kid along with the resistance group that the ASA took down earlier in the episode. This gains the attention of Odell who lets Jefferson off with a stern warning.

Later, Odell sways Jennifer back by giving her an upgraded suit that allows her to fly higher than before.

Elsewhere, Chief Henderson is removed from his office as the station is taken over by Major Grey and turned into another holding area for metas. Also, Odell has Painkiller take down gangsters who have been stealing ASA trucks including leader Sinzell Johnson.

The drama intensifies in this episode as the ASA becomes more and more oppressive. Once again, Odell continues to tighten his grip on all of our main heroes with some not even realizing it. It was painful to see Lynn spiral especially later knowing that Odell was behind her new addiction. Great action, acting, and directing as well. All in all, this was yet another strong episode of the series. Looking forward to see what’s next in two weeks!

Stay tuned for another recap and review here on Earth-9 when Black Lightning returns on November 11th!

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