The Flash – S6 Ep4 – There Will Be Blood Review

The Halloween season is all a bit too real this week on The Flash as Dr Ramsey’s blood testing steps up a gear.

Cisco and Ralph struggle to deal with the news Barry and Iris broke to them in the last episode and they both have their own way of dealing with Barry’s apparent inevitable death. Ralph just seems deflated and has lost belief in any good around him. Totally out of character for the normally upbeat, happy go lucky guy. He’s actually quite spiteful towards Iris at one point and it takes everyone’s favourite agony Uncle, Joe to talk him round. Cisco on the other hand is determined to find a way to save Barry and whilst Barry has accepted his fate, he hasn’t.

Barry decides to try and turn Cisco’s attention to saving Ramsey and they go on a little jaunt with Nash to steal a serum that should regenerate his cells and cure him. It’s early days still but I’m feeling that Nash could be my favourite incarnation of Wells. Barry also tells Cisco that he’s training him up to be a leader as once he’s gone there’s no one else better for the job. Once in possession of the serum, Ramsey tries it out and when it doesn’t work he comes to the realisation that he needs the adrenaline from people’s blood when they feel fear. He goes on a rampage in Central City’s hospital and what follows could have easily been a scene from The Walking Dead. I loved the Halloween vibes this week.

None of this can prepare you for the complete and utter heart break you feel when Barry finally has a heart to heart with Joe. He’s spent time pacifying and supporting everyone else but hasn’t had a chance to express his own emotions. Joe basically completely breaks down, telling Barry that he just doesn’t know how to go on without him. Barry tries to dig deep for some positivity for Joe’s sake but telling him that he’s the most important person in his life and owing his success as The Flash to Joe just makes the whole situation even more earth shattering. For Joe and the viewer.

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