Smallville – S1 Ep4 – X-Ray Review

Is Lex Luthor could be a bank robber? Surely not, it’s meteor rock infected Tina Greer who has the ability to shape shift. Clark is discovering a new super ability when he starts to develop x-ray vision. While some perks to this new ability include being able to see into the girls changing room at school, he struggles to control when he can and can’t use his new power. It does however allow him to see that there is something strange about Tina as being a shape shifter, she appears different to everyone else he can see.

Tina appears a typical troubled teen uncomfortable with who she is and trying to fit in with the ‘cool kids’. She is desperate for Lana to be her friend but is also jealous of her. After Tina’s mother takes an unfortunate fall down the stairs Tina tries to infiltrate herself into Lana’s life by asking if she can live with Lana and her aunt.

Clark’s suspicions enable to control his x-ray vision enough to look into Tina’s locker where he discovers the stolen money from the bank. Unaware that she is a shape shifter Clark informs the police who approach who they believe to be Tina’s mother, but is in fact Tina.

Knowing her identity is now compromised Tina shape shifts into Lana and goes to see Clark at his loft. She gives him a not so friendly warning to stay out of her business by throwing him through the wall.

Lex is busy using his influence to twist the arm of an editor who he wants to hide any negative press about him. We also see the car Lex crashed in the pilot and learn of his desire to find out the truth about how he survived.

Clark and the real Lana grow closer as they talk about how hard it is for them not knowing their biological parents. Chloe is able to give Lana some closure and give her a recording of her mothers graduation address.

While Tina continues to impersonate Lana and enjoy her life more and more, Clark and Pete discover Tina’s dead mother in her store and find out the extent of how badly Tina wants to become Lana.
The final sequence takes place in the cemetery where Lana’s mother was buried. Now beyond redemption Tina attempts to kill Lana but is foiled by Clark, who ends up identifying with Tina needing to hide who she really is. He tells Martha ‘You go through life with a gift you have to keep a secret. When you see everyone around you being normal, you get jealous, you just want to be somebody else‘. This is in reference to his own jealously of Whitney as he watches him and Lana embrace.

Martha notices Clark’s reaction and the episode ends on a sad note with Clark asking his Martha if she could see anything what would she do. Her response, ‘learn to close my eyes’.

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