Supergirl – S5 Ep5 – Dangerous Liaisons Review

Leviathan is everywhere. Kara and William team up to investigate Andrea Rojas which leads them to more questions. Meanwhile, Lena continues her research by using a reluctant Malefic.

This week’s episode of Supergirl was a Rip Roaring good time. Forgive the pun. In all seriousness, this was yet another highly enjoyable episode featuring some great team ups and fun mystery.
As the launch of Obsidian North’s new VR lenses nears, Andrea tasks everyone at CatCo with writing about it. Kara and Nia commiserate over the craziness. They are still confused about William’s true intentions. Nia still thinks that there is more to the situation. Kara runs into Dey and is able to convince him to let her help in his investigation. She offers to have Alex and the DEO use their resources to help in the search for the truth.

At the DEO, Alex interrogates the attacker that Kara encountered in Mexico, now revealed to be called Breathtaker. They also question the creature (via Brainy) previously linked to O’Connor. It is revealed that there is a group of powered assassins that are being hired to carry out various dastardly deeds. One such villain is: Rip Roar, who uses high tech mech arms and lasers. This mercenary supposedly killed Dey’s best friend Russell, who was in love with Andrea Rojas. According to Dey, Russell loved her despite her family being shady.

Meanwhile, Rip Roar attacks Fort Summit and steals a marathon laser from Lex Luthor’s vault. This weapon is capable of heating something as hot as the center of the sun. It is revealed that he is league with Leviathan as he meets with the elderly woman (previously seen in the finale of last season). The team tracks Rip Roar to the Antarctic more specifically Lake Volstak where he unleashes the weapon which creates a deadly tidal wave. Supergirl, J’onn, and Dreamer successfully stop the coming doom which would have destroyed the entire coastal area of the country. In addition, they determine that the wave would have also destroyed an Obsidian tech facility which seemingly rules out Rojas being the culprit. After stopping the wave, Supergirl and Alex take Rip Roar into DEO custody and discover that he is in fact Russell, which shocks Dey. Later, William thanks Kara aiding him in his quest. Now they have more questions and plan to methodically expose Rojas or whoever else is behind this.

Meanwhile, Lena and “Hope” convince Malefic (now in human form played by Phil Lamarr) to aid them in their quest for peace by agreeing to help him kill J’onn by removing the mental block which prevents brothers from killing each other. Their tests succeed. Malefic expects to be released, but is incepted by Lena into being pleased to stay.
Rojas, pleased with the success of her launch, enters into a her ride and is surprised to see the elderly woman, who tasks her with eliminating Rip Roar.

Leviathan has arrived! I enjoyed the team up between Dey and Kara in this episode. Melissa Benoist and Staz Nair have great chemistry and play off of each other well. While the Rip Roar reveal was a bit predictable, the character overall was interesting if only for the larger conspiracy that comes with him. I’m intrigued to see what else Leviathan has a hand in and what is their ultimate goal. Is Andrea aware of her family’s criminal ties? And does she already know the Leviathan woman? Hopefully, the show will answer these questions in grand fashion, which I’m sure they will. I also loved Lena’s continued descent into villainy with her latest scheme ending in using Malefic’s ability against him. Can’t wait to see where her storyline goes.

Come back next week for another recap & review of Supergirl her at Earth-9!

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