Arrow – S8 Ep4 – Present Tense Review

What an apt title for this episode. We’re in the present, in 2019, and things are very tense!!! After that excellent cliffhanger last week we knew we were in for a treat with episode 4 and it really did not disappoint. Oliver reunited with his kids, even if they are the adult versions from the future, was a real treat and as emotional as they all are to begin with, they have a lot of history to hash out.

William is still clinging onto the reasons why he left Oliver and Felicity to live with his grandparents but is a whole lot more willing to let bygones be bygones than Mia. She’s full of angst and is completely stubborn when it comes to following her father’s advice. A treat she’s clearly inherited from the man himself. It takes Laurel to talk Mia round by calling Oliver a dick and with anecdote about how she talked Felicity out of killing Ricardo Diaz. There are scenes towards the end of the episode where Oliver and Mia fight side by side which is quite exciting to see. I remember loving the season 7 finale where they both mirrored the same fight sequence in their respective time periods, this was even better.

Something I hadn’t thought of was in 2019 Diggle has no knowledge of Connor so this makes things awkward as Connor is excited to see Diggle who knows nothing about him. Rene and Dinah are there and Curtis makes a welcome return which made it such a shame that Felicity wasn’t present. The kids decide to not tell their elders about events from the future but this doesn’t last long. Rene is devastated to discover Zoe’s death and Diggle is saddened in knowing the path JJ eventually takes.

They all put their differences aside to stop the beginnings of the Deathstroke Gang, running around the city to stop Wade’s son, Grant, from setting off bombs everywhere. There’s definitely a tone of things changing and the Star City we are see in 2040 is slowly becoming a reality. Most evidently when we see Rene begin his mayoral campaign at the end. There were also big teases for the Canary spin off we’ve got coming next year. This excited me. Dinah is so motivational in this episode and she almost acts as the bringer of change in making the others see that they can change the future and they can make a difference. So while the episode focused on the future it felt just like home with the majority of the main cast back together.

It probably shouldn’t have worked but joining the two teams together was just an enriched viewing experience. And there’s another cliffhanger involving Laurel and The Monitor. She’s got a big decision to make. Do we trust her to make the right one?

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