Smallville – S1 Ep5 – Cool Review

You’ll need your hot water bottle for this one, a party at Crater Lake takes a grave turn when Smallville High student Sean falls into the ice which just so happens to be riddled with meteor rock. I found it strange that nobody, not even his friend Whitney noticed he was missing, probably because he was too distracted by a pizza delivery. Setting up Sean as the villain of the week, his power is very much like Rogue from X-Men as his cold touch absorbs heat. Sean quickly discovers the easiest way for him to stay warm is to literally steal bodily heat from the multitude of female admirers he seems to have at school.

In the episodes ‘B’ story the Kent’s are having financial troubles at the farm when Lex turns up and offers to invest. Lex is also busy playing matchmaker for Clark as he pushes him to ask Lana out on a date. However their plans are interrupted when they find out Sean is wanted for questioning in a case of a girls murder. Clark is concerned Chloe is his next target due to the fact that Chloe gave Sean her phone number at the party.

After rescuing Chloe, they head back at ‘The Torch’ to look into Sean’s condition and Clark forgets he should have returned to Lana. By the time he gets back to The Talon, Lana has already gone home with Whitney. While on the road home they collide with Sean and are forced off the road. With Lana injured they wind up having to seek refuge at Lex’s mansion. Martha and Jonathan are there to meet with Lex to discuss the farm, Jonathan is sceptical of Lex’s motives for wanting to invest and as a proud man is reluctant to accept Lex’s offer of help.

Clark races to find Whitney’s abandoned car. Sean catches up to him and freezes him, but only for a short while as Clark’s powers allow him to heal. After a fight with Clark, Sean ends up where he started the episode, at the bottom of Crater Lake.

Jonathan follows his gut and doesn’t invest with Lex, instead turning to the bank for a loan. Clark is again left in ‘the friend zone’ by Lana as she chooses to continue seeing Whitney instead of accepting Clark’s offer of a rain check on their plans. I have a feeling this is not the end of this growing relationship drama. An enjoyable episode but I am in need of more screen time for Lex. Until the next episode…

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