The Flash – S6 Ep5 – Kiss Kiss Breach Breach Review

This was a bit of a filler episode but can you really complain when it throws Cisco centre stage? Of course not! With Barry and Iris taking a mini break, Cisco is left in charge of Star Labs and while he’s put systems in place to help (it’s an actually system called B.A.R.I) he’s pushed down an unexpected path of detective work.
Breacher appears at Cisco’s home to break the news that Gypsy has died. I kind of thought we’d moved on and left those characters in the past but having Danny Trejo back again was pretty fun. Cisco discovers that he’s been sleepwalking and Breacher informs him he could be suffering ramifications from suppressing his powers – or in fact getting rid of them all together. I love Carlos Valdes and I would easily put Cisco in my top 5 Arrowverse characters. Whilst the story of Cisco discovering the identity of Gypsy’s killer wasn’t especially enthralling, it gave us bucket loads of Cisco goodness and that’s alright by me.
Also in this episode Frost is trying to find Ramsey and when she eventually does we see him in full on meta mode. His personality has changed and he doesn’t react well to Frost’s unwillingness to join his cause. I have to add that I love having Norvock lurking in the background – maybe we’ll get some more fun from him this season? Nash and Joe are forced to bond as they become trapped together. What doesn’t start off well has some benefits as Nash announces that he knows how to save Barry right at the end of the episode.

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