Supergirl – S5 Ep6 – Confidence Women Review

Andrea Rojas asks Lena for help which brings up their storied past in this fascinating episode of Supergirl!

“Confidence Women” finally gives backstory to the antagonistic Andrea Rojas. Rojas, who up until this point, was nothing more than that annoying boss. This episode revealed, however, that there is much more to her character. Through flashbacks, we see that Lena and Andrea met in boarding school fifteen years ago. They became fast friends with the heiress helping Luthor to gain more confidence. They also took a liking to the mystery of the Medallion of Acrata. Lena’s birth mother had told her the story when she was a kid as a bedtime story. However, she later realizes that it is in fact real. After they are both essentially fired from their companies around five months ago, the two decide to set out to find the magical element. Lena desires it as the medallion can help her stop Lex from killing Superman and due to its sentimental value. They journey to Costa Rica and after Andrea falls into a sinkhole, she discovers the medallion. Before she can retrieve it, a elderly man appears offering to save her father and company from ruin in more ways than one. The man, a messenger from Leviathan, displays a creepily accurate knowledge of her history and current situation. He urges her to take the medallion if she wants to save her family. However, there is a catch: you must be prepared to return the favor at any moment and pledge yourself to us. She ultimately takes the deal hiding the medallion from an excited Lena thus betraying her. Once home, her fortunes turn for the better.

Meanwhile, Lena is not so lucky. She bares witness to Lex’s insanity and later arrest four years ago) which puts a lot of stress on her. Her relationship with Jack Spheer hit a major snag after the events of a conference in London. They couple go there happy. At the gala, Lena bumps into Andrea, who is wearing the medallion proudly. Lena is furious at her betrayal and ends their friendship. This event breaks Lena in many ways and causes her to shut everyone out even Spheer. They break things off once she announces that she plans to move from Metropolis to National City to reinvent the Luthor name (inspired by Supergirl). Meanwhile, Andrea meets Russell Rogers and the two hit it off.

Six months ago, while on a date with Russell, Leviathan in the form of the elderly woman appears and calls upon her services for the first time. She hands her a card with the name of the target and tells her to kill him. The woman instructs Rojas to tap the medallion three times to use its power: the ability to move with the shadows. While she initially refuses, she complies after the woman threatens her family. Rojas is thus also revealed to be the blur that killed O’Connor.

Meanwhile, Lena and Kara’s friendship begins to blossom though the Luthor sister is wary of trusting anyone again. In London, Russell is almost killed by Leviathan after “getting too close” to their secret as well as Andrea’s involvement. Rojas is able to save his life by offering him up to the shady organization as an asset thus leading to the birth of Rip Roar. Ten weeks ago, we see that Lena, still reeling from Lex’s death and the Supergirl betrayal, begins to plot saying: she never needed them, but they are still useful to her. Six weeks ago, she convinces Andrea that buying CatCo from her would be a great business move.

Now, in the present, after a failed attempt to break Russell out the DEO, Andrea goes to Lena for help. Lena initially refuses, but ultimately agrees to help her. Lena distracts Supergirl with a fake attack on herself, while Andrea sneaks into the DEO and incepts everyone in the building except Alex. J’onn feels a psychic attack and rushes to help thinking it to be Malefic’s doing. However, once with Alex, they determine that it was the blur assassin. Supergirl joins them in fending off their attacker. Despite their efforts, Rojas is able to escape with Russell in tow. However, before the attack, Kara was able to get some info out of him: Leviathan was behind his tidal wave attempt. Acrata takes Russell back to Lena’s lab. She thanks her for her help. However, this thanks is met with an ice cold demand: give me the medallion or Russell dies. A heartbroken Andrea gives in to her demand. However, her happiness with Russell is short lived as he is murdered by Leviathan while they tried to flee the city. The old man from the cave appears again telling her she is not yet finished. He also reveals that her shadow powers do not actually come from the medallion. The trinket merely awakened the powers and the darkness inside of her. Meanwhile, Lena also discovers the existence of Leviathan via the medallion.

What a fascinating episode featuring tow very complex villains. It was great to finally get some backstory for the show’s newest antagonist, Andrea Rojas. It is refreshing to see that she is not simply the cliche overbearing boss, but something much more. I’m glad this episode took the time to humanize the character and show that she does in fact have a heart. Her being forced to work for Leviathan under threat of losing her family is pretty grim. While this backstory was certainly a highlight, Lena was the star of this episode for me. Her complicated past with Andrea puts her recent turn into new perspective. Kara’s betrayal is one in a long line of terrible events in Lena’s life and was the last straw. It is interesting to see that both Andrea and Kara were put into impossible positions which led to their betrayal of Lena. However, due to her incredibly unkind upbringing, it is perfectly understandable that Lena would react in the way she does. However, Lena is her own worst enemy and ultimately must learn to put herself in other people’s shoes. While she now firmly in the villain camp, it does seem like there is room for redemption for her. Ironically, I believe that the only person who can facilitate that is Kara. The flashbacks featuring her remind us that it was Kara that broke through Lena’s guarded wall and opened her up to friendship again. She can surely do it again! All in all, this was a fascinating character study of two complex “villains” and a nice change of pace for the season.

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