Black Lightning – S3 Ep5 – The Book Of Occupation: Chapter 5: Requiem For Tavon Review

Anissa is in danger as Odell begins to suspect that she is the Vigilante Blackbird. Meanwhile, the people of Freeland organize a resistance with a surprising leader.

This season of Black Lightning continues to deliver in every aspect. The acting, action, direction, and writing have all been superior this season. This episode continues the momentum with more interesting developments.

Chapter Five of the Occupation storyline sees the the Freeland resistance begin to form beyond just the exploits of Blackbird. Speaking of Blackbird, as per ASA orders, Chief Henderson is forced to put a reward out for her capture. This makes her continued quest for justice quite difficult as we see later in the episode. The people boo him and clearly support for her is through the roof as evident by the Truth Teller messages. Due to her ever growing popularity, Odell tasks Painkiller with taking her out. He also begins to suspect that Anissa is secretly the vigilante. His suspicions lead him to checking up on her at her apartment. He is thrown off the trail temporarily by Grace as Anissa and Gambi.

Meanwhile, Lynn has a nightmare about a kinetic energy absorbing meta and has an epiphany about stabilising the meta-gene. She takes her idea to Odell, who is very receptive. Due to Dr. Jace’s research among other things, Lynn determines that the key component she needs is a sample of bone marrow from a subject that has taken the serum. Her only option is Patient 49 who turns out to be Tobias Whale. Lynn, much to her chagrin, is forced to administer the serum to him which restores his youth and power. Throughout the procedure, Whale taunts her about Black Lightning and her family slowly revealing that he knows their secret. He goes further to say that he plans to kill her and Jefferson leaving their children as orphans. She then “neglects to administer the anaesthesia” before extracting the bone marrow. Later, she tells Odell to make Tobias disappear when his usefulness expires.

Elsewhere, Anissa delivers the meta virus vaccine to the Perdi and Reverend Holt in order to stop the spread. She has Gambi stay at her apartment to watch over Grace. While out on patrol, Jefferson, having been entreated by Tavon’s parents, tells Anissa to find a way to bring him home. Though it is clearly a bad idea, she agrees. However, on their way back into Freeland, they are ambushed and poisoned by Painkiller. They are able to make their way home and Tavon dies in Jefferson’s arms.

Following this tragedy, the students of Garfield High stand up to some ASA soldiers. Jefferson steps in and is brutally beaten up by the soldiers. During this horrendous display, Jen, having been struggling with her powers all episode, begins to lash out in an attempt to protect her father. However, fellow classmate Brandon stops her and surprisingly reveals himself to be a meta as he absorbs her energy Following this event, Jen is greeted by Odell who allows her to retaliate against the ASA soldiers who carried out this disgusting action.

Also, throughout the episode, Henderson arrests Two-Bits and Reverend Holt for supposed crimes in connection with the resistance and Blackbird. However, it is revealed that he simply was keeping up appearances and transports them to a safe house. He then reveals himself to be in league with Blackbird and the co-leader of the resistance!

As I said earlier, this episode was fantastic in every aspect. I truly enjoyed the dynamic between Lynn and Tobias and the continued machinations of Odell. As I have said in previous reviews, Bill Duke has been an incredible addition to this series. His influence continues to spread. It is quite unnerving that he has so much power over our heroes. The standout scene of this episode was the Garfield High incident. This was a powerful scene that is definitely the turning point for the resistance. I’m looking forward to seeing the people of Freeland finally fight back in a more full way. All in all, this was another great episode.

Come back next week for another recap and review of Black Lightning here on Earth-9!

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