An Interview With Juan Albarran

Jim recently got to chat to Juan Albarran, who is a Inker/Artist for some amazing DC titles, here is what he had to say!

Jim: Hello Juan and welcome to Earth9, thank you for taking the time out to talk to us!

Juan: Thank you so much for having me! Happy to be on Earth9.

Jim: Firstly you have worked on some amazing books for DC, can you tell us just some of the things you’ve worked on?

Juan: The main titles I’ve worked on for DC are Injustice: Gods Among Us and Injustice 2, after that I’ve done quite a bit of work in the Justice League family of books: Justice League, Justice League Dark and Justice League Oddyssey. I have worked on a few other titles but usually for a short amount of time.

Jim: You’re a very busy man from the looks of your Twitter, what are you working on at the moment?

Juan: I am currently inking Dani Sampere on Wonder Woman Giant. I had worked on Wonder Woman before but never as the main character and I have to say that it’s a blast, I hope I can stay in the book for a while.

Jim: What was the first DC comic you got to work on?

Juan: My first job for DC was inking a few pages for Nightwing #18 (New 52). It was a challenging gig because I had to spend most of my day at my old day job to then come back home and spend all night inking. Also, the penciler I inked was Juanjo RyP, who is known for drawing very detailed pages so it took me a while to finish the job. I met my deadline, though, so it was all good in the end.

Jim: You have done a lot of work for DC but which has been your favourite DC books to work on so far?

Juan: I think my favorite one is Justice League Dark, I love dark noir comics so working on characters like John Constantine was a lot of fun. I hope I had the chance to work on those characters again someday.
Also, Injustice 2 was amazing when it comes to how fans reacted to our work. Tom Taylor’s scripts were the best, Bruno Redondo and Dani Sampere’s pencils were just as good so the experience was great from a creative point of view as well.

Jim: We all have our favourite characters who is your favourite DC character to read about and then to draw/Ink?

Juan: Batman, always Batman. Like I mentioned before noir crime comics are my favorite so he has to be my favorite. Also, when it comes to drawing or inking, Batman is a bit easier than other characters, you can do a lot with black and shadows and still end up with a cool piece.

Jim: Nice easy one, what is your favourite DC Film?

Juan: Richard Donner’s first Superman and Tim Burton’s first Batman had a huge impact on me when I was a kid so I have to at least mention them here but my favorite is Nolan’s The Dark Knight by far. In my opinion it’s still the best superhero movie that’s ever been done.

Jim: Do you watch any DC tv shows current or old series and if so which do you like the best?

Juan: I’m not a huge fan of TV shows, they tend to run for too long and storylines get a bit too crazy for my taste. But I loved seasons 1 and 2 of Arrow, the first 3 seasons of Flash and also the beginning of Supergirl. I didn’t quite like Gotham and Legends of Tomorrow was ok. But I am currently not watching any TV shows though I want to watch Swamp Thing, I just love that character and I’ve heard very good things of Titans so I will check that one out eventually as well.

Jim: Out of all the amazing artists and writers DC has is there anyone you would you like to work with in the future

Juan: That’s a tough question, I have inked Dani Sampere for many years and we’ve grown so much together that I don’t really think much about working with other pencilers. But dreaming is free so I guess I’ll say I’d love to ink legends like John Romita Jr. or Carlos Pacheco or other artists like Ryan Ottley and Charlie Adlard. Adlard specially, would be a really really cool artist to work with.

Jim: What are some of you favourite DC comic book stories

Juan: My favorite DC story ever is Gotham Central, Michael Lark’s art is amazing and Brubaker and Rucka’s scripts are incredible. Again, the noir crime type of comics I love. Among my favorites are also Batman Year One, The Dark Knight Returns and Batman Earth One. There are many more, of course but I guess the classic Batman stories will always be my favorites.

Jim: And lastly do you have any exciting DC projects coming up that you can talk about?

Juan: I am working on Wonder Woman Giant at the moment and loving it but I think I will briefly go back to the Justice League family of books soon. I can’t share any details yet, though but I will as soon as I can.

Jim: Amazing, thank you so much for chatting with us and letting our readers know a little bit more about you!

If you would like to check out some of Juan’s work, we can highly recommend Injustice 2 which is out now and bridges the game between the first and second video games and is absolutely fantastic! And Justice League Dark which has just had the second volume published, so head over to your nearest comic book shop or online retailer and pick them up!

Also be sure to follow him on Twitter @JuanAlbarran75 to see some of his amazing work and keep up with what his up to, not only is he a phenomenal artist hes an awesome guy too!

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