Supergirl – S5 Ep7 – Tremors Review

It’s a secret exposing party this week in the continuing adventures of the Girl of Steel! Lena comes clean about her deceptions and Brainy discovers the hideout of Leviathan as their leader Rama Khan reveals himself.

“Tremors” is a most appropriate title for this earthquake of an episode of Supergirl. Not only does it apply to our new Earth bending foe, it also captures the impact of the major fallout between Supergirl and Lena Luthor.

This deeply emotional episode opens with an anxious Kara sparring with J’onn. She is concerned about the next attack from Leviathan and how to stop it. J’onn counsels her saying that they will face it together as they always do. He then is psychically attacked. This was not the first time this has happened as he later tells his friends. He believes that it the guilt of once again banishing his brother to the Phantom Zone. Later, after a touching mind visit from his father Myr’nn, J’onn realizes that Malefic (guest star Phil Lamarr) is actually being held prisoner in Lena Luthor’s lab. He journeys there to beg for his brother’s forgiveness. After the two mind meld, Malefic accepts his brothers apology and embraces him.

Meanwhile, Lena is visited by a determined Old Lady Leviathan, who demands the medallion. Lena’s security prevents the woman from harming her. The old woman returns to Leviatha HQ and meets with a man called Rama Khan (guest star Mitch Pileggi). Khan is disappointed in her failure to retrieve the medallion. Fellow member Gememnae (guest star Cara Buono) chides him that his time is over and that technology is the new way to control the world. It revealed through this meeting that Khan and four others escaped the destruction of their planet and crash landed on Earth thousands of years ago. Their ship was essentially the meteor that killed the dinosaurs and since Khan was charged with keeping the destructive humans from killing the planet. Growing more and more impatient, Khan attacks an L-Corp event in an attempt to retrieve the medallion. However, Supergirl arrives, save Lena, and stops the ancient villain from achieving his goal.

Following this attack, Kara and Lena join Alex and Brainy at the DEO where the latter informs the team of Khan’s exploits which date back to the Noah’s Ark Flood. He has been the cause of every major natural disaster in the history of Earth. The impressive Earth bending skill prompts Kara and Lena to journey to the Fortress Of Solitude to find a weapon that is powerful enough to stop an ancient and supremely powerful alien. There they not only find once such weapon, but also extreme heartbreak. After a slightly tense situation involving the Fortress’s anti-Luthor protocols, they find a sonic cannon that can kill this alien ruler from Krypton’s sister planet Jarhanpur. Throughout their search, they awkwardly exchange stories of them saving each other. Lena also continues her deception by tinkering with the Fortress computer. Among the weapons is Myriad, which provides a nice season one flashback. Kara explains that the device was used by her Aunt Astra to turn the people of Earth into zombies. They are interrupted by an angry Rama Khan, who breaks into the Fortress and proclaims himself the Earth. However, he is defeated when Kara and Lena take advantage of the fact that the Fortress is not of Earth thus negating his power. After the ancient being is literally dusted, Kara catches Lena with the Myriad device. This leads to one of the most emotional confrontations of the series. Lena unloads her pain and hurt on Kara, who is horrified. Luthor coldly reveals that she shot and killed her own brother and with his dying breath, he exposed Kara and Supergirl. She tells Kara that it was on that day that she learned that all of her friends betrayed her by sharing in that lie. Lena, with great emotion, tells her that it was Kara, who helped her learn to trust and open up again following years of lies and betrayal from past friends and family. Kara’s lie was the last straw. Since then, Lena vowed that she would make Kara suffer as she has suffered. Kara tries, but fails to stop her from leaving with the device. Lena’s counterprogramming kicks in and the Fortress treats Kara as an intruder and locks her up. “I’m not a villain. You shouldn’t have treated me like one,” Lena coldly says as she walks away.

Meanwhile, Brainy and Alex track Rip Roar to a location and discover him dead. It is a trap set by Leviathan and the two are caught in a bomb blast, which slightly injures them both. Alex recovers with Kelly keeping her company. In their conversations, Alex realizes that Kelly is still struggling with past traumas and the two agree to help heal each other.

Brainy has a weird realization that leads him to discovering the location of Leviathan’s hidden base of operations. He informs Alex of his findings and the two travel to the location, but ultimately do not find much as Gememnae masks the interior of the base with tech.

This was yet another well crafted episode of Supegirl! Stellar action, mystery, writing, and acting. Melissa Benoist and Katie McGrath were simply brilliant in their scenes together, especially the emotional breakdown moment. Also, David Harewood shares some incredible scenes with both returning guest star Carl Lumbly and guest star Phil Lamarr in which all three actors give fantastic performances. Mitch Pileggi’s Rama Khan is a great new villain and will prove to be a challenging foe for our heroes (as he is definitely not gone for good). I am very much looking forward to see what’s next now that Kara is left vulnerable in the Fortress knowing that Lena has gone full Luthor.

Come back here to Earth-9 for another recap & review of Supergirl when it returns on December 1st!

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