Arrow – S8 Ep5 – Prochnost Review

We’re onto another era of Oliver Queen’s history this week as we have Anatoly return, bringing memories of Oliver’s time with Bratva.
The team split in two for their mission to collect items which they believe will stop The Monitor.

Thanks to William, Diggle tracks down none other than Roy Harper and coaxes him into helping, even though he says it’s just for one last time. He’s happy making a fresh start as Jason working in a car garage. I say it everytime Colton Haynes returns, but Roy is probably my favourite character (apart from Oliver) so I’m always so excited to see him back. Roy helps Diggle obtain the plutonium they need. Diggle fills Roy in about his future and how his fear of his blood lust leads him to living alone on Lian Yu, until Felicity sends William to bring him home. Diggle manages to convince Roy that being part of a team is what helps with controlling his anger and feeling all nostalgic in the bunker, Roy decides to stay on for a while longer. YAY!

Oliver chooses to use his mission to continue bonding with his kids as he takes them along with him and Laurel to Russia. The beginning of the episode shows him training Mia and showing off the uses of his different arrows. Considering this is only the second full episode we’ve seen them together, Stephen and Katherine have fantastic on screen chemistry which really make them a believable Father/ Daughter duo. There’s elements to their relationship which really reminds me of Barry and Nora from last season’s The Flash. We can’t leave William out either who slots in perfectly well and seems to have adopted the role of Felicity and Curtis combined. Oliver and Mia are forced into some tough situations but with Laurel and Anatoly’s help set off home with the plans they needed for a pulse wave generator created by General Burov. We needed to have Anatoly back one last time, he’s a huge part of the shows journey and despite their ups and downs, the way he and Oliver part ways at the end of the episode is great to see. Closure indeed.

Lyla tries to convince Laurel to work with The Monitor but there’s a lovely scene between her and Mia and also some approval from Anatoly which cements her decision to stand by Oliver. This also leads her to expose Lyla’s secret!

The promo shots for next week’s episode look great, bringing back another fan favourite and I cannot wait.

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