The Flash – S6 Ep6 – License to Elongate Review

The team split off this week and all have a lesson to teach other.

As you’d guess from the title of the episode there’s a James Bond theme and this involves Barry and Ralph. I loved this. Barry is planning a big ceremony to pass over the baton to The Elongated Man as protector of Central City but ends up having to go on one of Ralph’s PI missions to make sure he’s back in time. A party hosted by Remington Meister means Ralph gives us his best 007 impersonation. Hartley Sawyer was fantastic this week (again) and he makes Barry realise the importance of Barry Allen rather than The Flash. Ralph has a way of bringing high levels of emotion when needed and he does exactly that this week. There are James Bond puns galore, an inspired Bond villain in Carlo Rota’s portrayal of Remington as well as his sidekick, Ultraviolet, a Mortal Kombat reference, and some great gadgets from Ralph. It was really nice to see Ralph in his stride as an investigator and there was a complete role reversal seeing Barry act the goof due to being totally out of his comfort zone.

Chester is back and is initially really excited to find himself alone in Star Labs. He teams up with Cecile who wants to help him find love but in turn the pair go on a journey of self discovery. After announcing that The Monitor is a fraud trying to create fear, Nash needs Allegra’s meta abilities to figure out how to break through a metaphorical and all too real wall. Nash let’s slip all of the team’s secrets but also empowers Allegra to use her abilities for good. He also has some sort of memory or emotion triggered after their bonding session. I’m intrigued to see where this goes.

During a ceremony held at CCPD, Ralph receives a badge of honour and Barry is given Central City’s highest honour for all the work he does for the Police department. Ralph doesn’t have much time to bask in his glory as Ramsey shows up meaning business!

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