Black Lightning – S3 Ep7 – The Book Of Resistance: Chapter 2: Henderson’s Opus Review

In this explosive episode, Jefferson finds himself at odds with not only the A.S.A., but also the Resistance. Meanwhile, Gambi makes a startling discovery.

At the episode’s start, Grace struggles to control her powers as her medication no longer works. She is found by Anissa who calms her down using SHONDA’s relaxation protocol. Grace expresses her worry that, with the ASA closing in, they will be found out as metas and taken. Anissa assures her that she will not let that happen.

Meanwhile, Jen gets a message from Odell and goes to meet with him. However, when she arrives, Major Grey is waiting for her. The acting director informs the young meta that Odell, while he has been shot, is recovering in the hospital and will be fine. The Major also grounds her from using her abilities (due to the Markvian attack) much to Lightning’s frustration. Jen complies, but requests all of the ASA’s information on Dr. Jace as means of forming trust between them.

Jen also visits Brandon to find out more about how their powers merge. She offers him information about Jace, which she doesn’t readily have which irritates her friend greatly. He kicks her out in frustration. Later, she does receive the ASA’s files on Jace, which puts a smile on her face.

As the ASA carries out raids of possible Markovian safehouses, Henderson and Reverend Holt plan their next moves. They prepare a bomb as a distraction from transporting a car load of children to safety. Black Lightning sees this while on patrol and defuses it unknowingly causing distrust between him, Henderson and Holt, who thinks he is a sellout. The next day, Henderson visits Jefferson and confronts him about the bomb incident. The two struggle to get on the same page concerning the manner in which to free Freeland. Jefferson maintains firm in his path of least resistance and peacekeeping while Henderson is willing to use force against the ASA. Jefferson’s actions confuse both Henderson and Reverend Holt, who question his allegiance.

Back at the Pit, Major Grey visits Lynn, while she works with a stabilized meta. The acting director wants the metas to be functioning at one hundred percent which causes Lynn to ask for all of the files. She is granted this request with one condition: she is to only focus on the Green Light Metas. Speaking of the Pit, earlier in the episode, Gambi confirms his suspicions that the ASA agent Painkiller and Khalil are one in the same. He calls Lynn to help him gain access to the Pit’s mainframe. He later brings his discovery to her and the two find him in stasis. Lynn is quick to revive him upon realizing his old memories are still intact. Once awoken, he does not recognize her apart from his information on her as Dr. Stewart. Gambi uses this opportunity to ask him about his previous missions. Both Lynn and Gambi are shocked to learn the young man murdered his own mother among others. Lynn returns him to stasis and decides to find a way to save him against Gambi’s advice. She coldly sends him out and tells him to not reveal this to Jennifer.

Meanwhile, Jefferson is forced to take a stand when a vulnerable Anissa tasks him with transporting Grace and many others through to safety. Despite his disagreements with Henderson, he agrees to help his daughter. Prior to this, Jefferson, as Black Lightning, aids the ASA in their raid of a Markovian safehouse. He turns against the agents, however, when one of them murders a Markovian in cold blood. He loses his cool momentarily and grabs the agent. Grey orders him to stop or she will lay waste to Freeland.

Anissa then delivers Grace to him and they meet up with Holt and the children at Two-Bit’s bar. Despite Holt’s reservations, he allows Black Lightning to help the children. On the way to the opening, they are ambushed by the ASA and Grace runs away. He unleashes a fury of lightning at them though one agent escaped to pursue Grace. This agent is later murdered by Grace ( in her leopard form) in self defense. Jefferson finds her and brings her back into the fold. Grace thanks him for coming back for her. She reveals that she knows his secret and promises not to tell anyone.

The episode concludes with Painkiller receiving a new target: Black Lightning!

The cast and crew of Black Lightning once again deliver a well crafted and highly entertaining episode. This second chapter of the Resistance arc featured great action, drama, and stellar acting performances. In their pursuit of protecting and saving the city, Henderson and Jefferson find themselves at odds. This was a compelling development that I did not anticipate. Both men are right and wrong about how they are approaching the situation. Henderson is right to fight back, but Jefferson makes a strong point in not being reckless. Another highlight of this episode for me was Anissa asking her father for help with Grace. It was refreshing to see the usually stalwart and tough Anissa show a bit of vulnerability. This was a beautiful moment between father and daughter in which their struggles melted away for brief time. Both Nafessa Williams and Cress Williams shine in this well crafted scene. Also, I am pleased that Odell is not dead as the last episode made it seem. However, I did suspect that the shifty agent was not out of the picture just yet. All in all, this series continues its trend of great episodes with this latest chapter.

I look forward to the next installment and where the story goes from here.

Stay tuned for another recap & review of Black Lightning next week here at Earth-9!

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