Smallville – S1 Ep6 – Hourglass Review

Clark, Pete and Lana are volunteering at a nursing home when tragedy strikes for old man Harry Volk. Lana wheels him outside and leaves him to his own devices where he falls into a pond while trying to smoke a cigarette. However it turns out to be quite fortunate for him as the meteor rock in the water gives him his youth back.

After he is reported missing it is discovered that Harry is a murderer. With his new found youth he goes on a killing spree, taking revenge on people who he believed ruined his life – the family members of the jury who convicted him of murder.

One of the jury members happens to be Clark’s grandfather. Harry goes to the Kent farm to kill Jonathan but finds Martha instead. Harry and Martha end up buried in a mountain of corn and only Martha makes it out alive. I am not sure how the Kent’s explain this one!

Also in this episode Clark receives a warning from a elderly blind woman called Cassandra Carver. She appears to be able to see the future of anyone she touches. Cassandra tells Clark that someone close to him is going go die. A concerned Clark returns to her and she shows Clark a future of him kneeling at a graveyard where everyone close to him is dead. In a well crafted piece of foreshadowing Cassandra tells Clark that she knows he is not like others she has met before and believes his destiny is to save people and rescue them from fear and darkness.

Also intrigued to know about Cassandra’s abilities Lex pays her a visit in an attempt to find out more about Clark. Lex chooses to show Clark the car he has been investigating. It was the car he was driving in the accident from the pilot episode where Clark first saved his life. Lex is still struggling to understand how he survived the crash and also visits Cassandra again in the nursing home. This time he wants to know what his own future holds and in the episodes most exciting moment we see Lex as President, a prophecy the show ends up fulfilling. We also get a glimpse of his decent to evil. The vision becomes too much for Cassandra to take who dies before sharing what she saw with Lex. Clark comes the conclusion that her prediction was right and Cassandra had seen her own death.

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