Arrow – S8 Ep6 – Reset Review

Emotions run high this week as Oliver is subject to an incredibly bittersweet time loop. As a result of being shot with tranquilliser darts by Lyla he comes face to face with Quentin Lance and watches him die over and over again before learning a lesson taught by The Monitor. What can we say about Quentin Lance? He’s as big a part of the show’s history as anyone else and his death was one of Arrow’s most poignant moments. I was a bit concerned over how they could bring Quentin back, but his appearance in ‘Reset’ fitted perfectly.

So – stuck in a time loop, Oliver wakes no less than 8 times, living out the same events over and over again. Eventually joined by Laurel, who is also suffering the same lesson from The Monitor, they soon realise the whole point of this is to accept that they can’t change the past and instead, need to make peace with Quentin’s death. Katie Cassidy was fantastic this week, giving us some brilliant emotional moments. However, it was her one liner during a confrontation with Lyla “I pull off the short hair way better than you do” which impressed me the most. Actual lols! This was an important episode for Laurel though as she got to thank Quentin, dedicated her fight to become a hero to him and to tell him how much he meant to her.

It’s Oliver that refuses to let go and it takes one or two more journeys through his Groundhog Day to accept that he can’t save Quentin. There were also some lovely scenes between Stephen and Paul who naturally fell back into their father/ son roles. The emotion in Oliver’s face and the tears in his eyes when Quentin first turns around telling him he looks like he’s seen a ghost get you in the feels straight away. That just set up the feel of the whole episode which turned out to continue to pull at your heart strings.

Lyla undergoes a degree of redemption at the end of the episode. She confirms that she’s been working with The Monitor for a while but it’s all to save her family from the evil they’re all about to face.. He learns that everything he’s experienced since leaving Felicity and baby Mia has been a test to see if he’s ready and that he’s been rewarded by spending time with his kids. Lyla too believes that Oliver is the only one who can save the world and sends him off on his final mission. Oliver wakes up once again, met by Diggle and the kids in an all too familiar place.

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