The Flash – S6 Ep7 – The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt.1 Review

I would have to put this as the best episode we’ve ever had on The Flash, and it definitely makes top 5 of all of the Arrowverse so far.

Temptation has been the downfall for many since the dawn of time and here we have Barry Allen facing a temptation that most people wouldn’t give a second thought to. We saw Ramsey attack Ralph at the end of the previous episode and that has a major impact for Barry after saving him. He becomes infected with Ramsey’s cells and while his body collapses, his mind takes him into the speedforce where he is met by a vision of his Mum. Barry’s new connection to Ramsey means he’s there too and he tries his damnedest to tempt Barry into submission. In return he offers an escape from death meaning Barry is caught in a literal tug of war.

The way this plays out is visually stunning. Whilst watching Barry being pulled and pushed through different visions, testing his commitment to saving the world deeper and deeper with each one, you really feel like you’re there. He’s shown the graves of just about anyone he’s known that’s died, reminded of how special the people in his life are (by watching them eat a very questionable lasagne) and then his Achilles heal … Nora! When his body is discovered by Cisco and Frost he’s pushed to make a decision and choose the path he’s going to take before Cisco rescues him. He begins to question why him?! Why should he have to die? Why should he have to say goodbye to everyone he loves? Why isn’t his life important? All valid questions and indications of his final decision. I must applaud Sendhil Ramamurthy for his performance throughout the whole episode. Pure excellence.

I’m enjoying the new little Investigation side team which has formed of Iris, Allegra and Kamilla. It’s given further purpose to Iris and it makes sense that she’s leading her own team now. I also like that whilst they are all connected to the team at Star Labs, this is being kept separate. Allegra is still a little pissed that she’s not part of Team Flash’s secrets and eventually just blurts out that she knows Barry’s secret identity. It’s quite sad watching Iris getting round to writing the article about The Flash’s disappearance – Candice was brilliant once again!!!

The end of the episode is absolutely fantastic and with two days left until the crisis is due to hit, shit is about to go down!

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