Arrow – S8 Ep7 – Purgatory Review Review

Roy Harper utters the wise words “Heroes make sacrifices” this week, just as our heroes embark on what could be the biggest sacrifice any of them ever make.

We’re back on Lian Yu where the whole team regroup once Dinah, Rene and Roy arrive with the plutonium to complete the weapon they’ve all been building. Heartbreak is the theme of the week, beginning with Oliver telling William and Mia the truth about his fate – and they both react exactly how you’d expect.

The plane Dinah, Rene and Roy arrive in is shot down just before reaching the island which leads to an island wide hunt. Oliver and Laurel go to find the plutonium, whilst Diggle, Lyla and Connor go in search of their friends. This was a great scene for the Diggles as they do some family bonding while John and Lyla argue about her new direction. When they find the others Rene is badly injured but there are life changing consequences for poor old Roy. This does however show us that the timeline will change which means that maybe things won’t play out during crisis as we’re expecting?

Oliver and Laurel find the plutonium but he’s met by some old faces along the way. He’s caught in battle with Fyers and does some soul searching with Yao Fei. However, let’s not forget both are meant to be dead!!! There were some great moments between Oliver and Yao Fei who still clearly has much to teach him. There were also brilliant action scenes as the whole current Team Arrow suit up and begin to battle Fyers and his merry men to regain the island. It felt good to have the whole cast brought together, probably for the last time.

William completes their weapon and while they all believe Oliver to be the one who holds the DNA to release its power, it’s infact Lyla who does. Once she switches the device on she walks through a portal, leaving her old life behind. I have loved Lyla playing such a huge part in Crisis and this season of Arrow. She’s so great!

With everything back as it should be, the team prepare to travel back home. Oliver goes round to each of his pals and whether it revolves around a thank you, an apology or passing on some wise words, it’s as if he says his goodbyes. Just as he and Mia get ready to leave Lyla returns. Only she’s not Lyla anymore. She’s a Harbinger. And along with red skies she’s brings the news that crisis has begun.

Get ready people … a crisis is coming, and it’s going to blow our minds!

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