Harley Quinn – S1 Ep1 – Til Death Do Us Part

Starring: Kaley Couco as Harley, Alan Tudyk as Joker, Lake Bell as Poison Ivy, Jim Rash as Riddler.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 🏹


In this first episode of the brand new DC Universe series we Harley go from super villain sidekick to a kick ass super villain on the rise. The whole show is themed perfectly, full of violence, swearing, gore and jokes.

Batman has once again interrupted Joker’s attempts to steal, create chaos and terrorise. In the process of escaping (once again) Joker ditches Harley with promises of her not spending a night in Arkham before he breaks her out. Obviously this doesn’t happen and Harley spends months inside with countless other bad guys. Harley develops a bound with Poison Ivy, who is desperate to make Harley see that she doesn’t deserve to be mistreated and should leave Joker and become her own villain.

My Opinion

This first venture into the Harley solo series is phenomenal. The tone is spot on for a Harley show with brilliantly funny jokes, Insane gore and amazing nods to the wider DC Comics world. Some people might not enjoy the R rated theming of the series but for me, it couldn’t be done any other way. Kaley Cuoco is spot on as Harley and given this short glimpse, I dare say she may become my favourite iteration of the infamous and incredibly popular character. Be on the lookout for Poison Ivy’s hilarious one liners and by far the stand out surprise, Frank, Ivy’s roommate who’s appearances are brief but so enjoyable.
A fantastic beginning to what promises to be a hilarious, gore filled, violent thrill ride through Harley’s rise to superstardom in the universe. I can’t wait for more. Bravo DC Universe. Bravo Kaley.

Say’s the guy who f***s bats. – Harley Quinn

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