The Flash – S6 Ep8 – The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt.2 Review

Part one of this double bill was so so so good and part 2 acts as closure before the crossover and our mid season break.

Ramsey has infected the city with Barry’s help which means there a whole lot of zombie type people running around town. There was a real horror vibe to this episode again and the atmosphere was so on point. You especially felt this with Cecile and Kamila trying to negotiate their way around their offices without getting caught. This was for sure the best part of the episode.

Grant does a great job as ‘Dark Flash’. From his black, animalistic nails, black teeth and creepy as hell smile he really has you believing that all his goodness has left his body. Candice has done such a fantastic job with Iris this season and at times where she could have over played the role of a wife preparing for the death of her husband, she’s been understated and genuine. She does this again in this episode and the great chemistry between Grant and Candice really comes across as she pleads for him to come round from Ramsey’s control. Cisco also shows his leadership skills as he stands up to the mark, prepared to do whatever it takes to protect the city. Even if it means killing Barry.

Part two wraps up Bloodlust’s character and therefore we say goodbye to Sendhil Ramamthury who has been a fantastic villain on the show. As the episode wraps up the team sit around together and share their memories of times with Barry. Just as Diggle commits to standing by Oliver, Iris does with Barry and I don’t doubt her for a moment. Total tearjerker. We then see the sky turn red and so crisis begins. I’m just so flipping excited …

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