Black Lightning – S3 Ep9 – The Book Of Resistance: Chapter 4: Earth Crisis Review

Crisis On Infinite Earths officially hits Freeland while Jennifer has an otherworldly encounter that helps her find herself.

Black Lightning has officially joined the Arrowverse in the most explosive way possible. This episode not only set up Jefferson’s involvement in the larger crossover, but it also let China McClain take center stage. McClain shows off her acting ability in portraying three different versions of Jennifer as she struggles to pick a side in the conflict between the ASA and the Resistance. Let’s recap this crazy episode!

Jennifer films a video for Anissa explaining her struggle thus revealing her partnership with Agent Odell, who is alive and well. Speaking of Odell, he appears on her TV screen to give her another mission: take out another Markovian stronghold. Jennifer initially refuses, but Odell once again manipulates her. He tells her that her father’s code is outdated and that by helping them, she has already saved more people than he has in his entire career.

Meanwhile, the Resistance meets following a news broadcast that twists their truth. They deduce that the ASA intercepted their broadcast and altered the information. They then plan to attack the ASA head on. Following their meeting, Jefferson and Anissa discuss the possible need to kill. Jefferson remains firm in his belief in no killing. Anissa reveals that she encountered Khalil, who is now a brainwashed killer. She uses him (and the fact he killed Tavon) as an example of why they must be willing to kill.

Meanwhile, Jennifer waits for Anissa at the latter’s apartment. The skies turn red and she becomes curious. She tries to contact Anissa, but gets no response. Odell, however, gets through to her and warns her not to go outside. However, it is too late as she is already on the veranda. She is affected by the anti-matter infused thunderstorm and collapses. She awakens to find herself in a void space with two other versions of herself from parallel universes. One from Gen: Earth-1 and the other from Jinn: Earth-2. The Gen: Earth-1 version reveals that she is a prisoner of Odell and held at the Pit for wiping out the meta-gene via the water supply. She sided with her family against the ASA and now suffers because of it. Her Earth-2 counterpart sided with the ASA and became Odell’s personally weapon. She became a megalomaniacal killer responsible for ending the Markovian War. Jennifer, watches as both of her dopplegangers experience transformative events. Gen:Earth-1 Jennifer is forced to watch her father be murdered by Odell, who uncovered the secret underground railroad that Jefferson helped set up. Meanwhile, the Jinn: Earth-2 version embraces the dark side further and after killing all metas, she proceeds to kill her entire family after they attempted to reason with her. Jennifer confronts them and, in doing so, realizes her true self and what side she must choose. They both are then eliminated by the antimatter wave.

In our reality, Jennifer has been in a state of phase with Gambi and her family unable to help her. Gambi quickly determines that the phasing is connected to antimatter. He also deduces that Jennifer is meeting her multiversal counterparts thus the Pierce family officially learns of parallel universes. However, it is too late as the antimatter wave takes their universe. However, Jefferson is spared presumably by the Monitor.

First of all, I did not expect that ending! I knew this episode would tie in to the greater Arrowverse crossover, but wow! I have no idea what this means for the continuing story of Black Lightning as it now appears that their Earth is gone. I look forward to seeing Jefferson interact with the rest of the Arrowverse characters in the next part of Crisis though. Now, as for the rest of the episode, I felt this was yet another fantastic episode. China McClain delivered an incredible performance as all three versions of Jennifer. It was clever to visualize her inner struggle using the greater Crisis as a backdrop. It will be interesting to see how this development is continued post-crisis.

All in all, this was another highly enjoyable episode that continues the upward trend of the series!

Stay tune for more Crisis coverage here on Earth-9 and come back for more Black Lightning recaps & reviews when it resumes its season soon.

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