Code 8 Review

Director – Jeff Chan
Writers – Chris Pare and Jeff Chan
Cast – Stephen Amell, Robbie Amell, Greg Bryk, Peter Outerbridge, Kari Matchett, Sung Kang, Aaron Abrams, Shaun Benson, Kyla Kane

Code 8 has been a long time coming and something Amell fans have been desperate to see. Set in a world where 4% of people are born with supernatural powers, Code 8 tells the story of how a down on his luck, Connor Reed (Robbie Amell) meets Garrett (Stephen Amell) and is drawn into the underground crime world to keep supporting his sick, newly unemployed Mum (Kari Matchett).

The Amell cousins are obviously no strangers to the superhero genre with Robbie starring in The Flash and (the gone too soon) Tomorrow People and Stephen kick starting the whole Arrowverse with Arrow. Code 8 has a very different vibe than any of those shows, it’s dark and grungey whilst still appearing to exist within our present day world. Also differing from what we are used to seeing, people with special abilities are practically shunned and out cast from society, meaning they are shamed into hiding them in public.

Connor succumbs to temptation and begins helping Garrett and his pals who work for crime lord Marcus Sutcliffe (Greg Bryk). Connor and Garrett make an instant connection, realising that they come from quite similar backgrounds. I felt like their on screen chemistry was quite realistic – a kind of mentor/ mentee relationship which fitted the overall tone and plot. The Amells could have easily allowed for their personal bond to translate on screen which wouldn’t have been as believable. Garrett helps Connor develop and control his abilities which eventually helps him become quite powerful. They manage to draw police attention quite quickly and have Agent Park (Sung Kang) and Agent Davis (Aaron Abrams) hot on their heels. The police presence is probably the most futuristic element of the film due to some pretty awesome robo cops flying around in police planes. I also liked the take on Nia’s (Kyla Kane) character who has much sought after healing powers. Her speech asking whether anyone would care about her if she didn’t have her abilities was quite thought provoking and again, quite a realistic opinion someone might have in that position.

I really enjoyed this film and it turns out my indigogo donation was a good investment. Code 8 is X-men meets Chronicle to give you a fresh take on meta humans living in normal society – plus you just can’t go wrong when it involves Stephen and Robbie Amell and superpowers. It brings sci-fi into the real world. News broke earlier this week that we would be getting a Code 8 series and after seeing the film, I’m even more excited to see where they take these characters and this world.

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