Smallville – S1 Ep7 – Craving Review

It has been a few weeks since my last review but I am looking forward to returning to Smallville, especially after being fortunate enough to spend last weekend with some of the amazing cast. I also loved seeing Tom Welling and Erica Durance reprise their roles in the epic DC crossover event Crisis on Infinite Earths.

We start this episode with an awesome guest star and future Lois Lane in Man of Steel – Amy Adams. I think the episode does well in highlighting certain issues people, and teenagers especially face to do with eating disorders. Adams plays Jodi who is desperate to loose weight. After being bullied at school she inadvertently puts meteor rock tainted vegetables from her fathers green house in her diet drink, miraculously finding herself to be thin.

It’s Lana’s birthday and while everyone else is planning her party Whitney gets offered a football scholarship. Jodi decides to ask Pete to be her date to Lana’s party after he is the only person who stands up for her. Clark also builds up the courage to ask Lana if he can be her escort.

Jodi’s obsession with being thin means she is craving more food than ever. While driving in a storm she accidentally hits and kills a deer. In what could now could now resemble a scene from a show about a zombie apocalypse Jodi devourers the deer by herself. She escalates even further when she attacks the boy who bullied her because of her weight, sucking all the fat out of him.

Clark and Chloe figure out that Jodi is the ‘blood sucking vampire’ as Clark refers to her as. They realise Pete could be in danger after agreeing to be her date. Jodi tries to control her cravings around Pete and Clark arrives just in time to stop her. He walks into the green house laced with meteor rock. After realising what she has become Jodi tries to take her own life but Clark manages to save her. We don’t see a lot of progression for Clark this time but we do see him pining even more for Lana. Her party takes place at Lex’s mansion which Clark ends up missing.

Also in the episode Lex is investigating the meteor rocks. He approaches a doctor and in true Lex fashion, black mails him into helping him find out the truth about the meteor shower and edging slightly closer to Clark’s secret.

At the end Clark tries to make it right with Lana by giving her a birthday present – popcorn and a movie. Unfortunately for Clark this is only the beginning of his constant struggle between wanting to help people and have a normal life.

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