Harley Quinn – S1 Ep7 – The Line Review

Writer: Laura Moran

Director: Juan Jose Meza- Leon

Starring: Kaley Cuoco, Lake Bell, Alan Tudyk, Matt Oberg, Phil LaMarr, Ron Funches, Tony Hale, Jim Rash, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Wanda Sykes, J.B. Smoove

Fairy Tale Fiasco

“The Line” starts with Harley’s friend and mentor, the Queen of Fables, getting an out of jail free card… or so she thinks. As with all things in this show, not is all as it seems. The rug is soon pulled out from under the Queen, voiced by Wanda Sykes.

Listen To Your Heart

“The Line” shows some great lessons learned, though not all of them by Harley. We get some of our greatest moments from Poison Ivy, as she deals with her struggles of dating Kite Man, voiced by Matt Oberg. My favorite moment is when they are “out” in public and Kite Man comes up with a plan to get a table sooner. They should drop her name as The Riddler did right before them. Watching the two of them figure out their relationship is bliss, as they deliver some of the most humorous moments in the episode.


This series has not let up with great moments. The writing continues to be humorous and keeps topping itself one episode after another. “The Line” is no exception. The animation and voice actors go hand in hand, providing quality each episode with an astounding take on beloved characters.