Supergirl – S5 Ep10 – The Bottle Episode Review

Brainiac-5 takes center stage in this insane Post-Crisis episode of Supergirl!

Jesse Rath has, in my opinion, been an incredible addition to this cast. He definitely fills the hole left by Jeremy Jordan’s departure. While he usually serves as comic relief/tech support, this episode reminds us once again of the heart and emotional side of the character. Rath truly shines in all aspects of this role. This episode served as a true game changer for the character moving forward. In addition, the aftermath of the Crisis has thrown Supergirl for quite the loop. Let’s break it down!

The hour opens with a commercial for the DEO which features Lena, Lex, and Kara all pledging their resources to helping the world. Their motto: Hope, help, and compassion for all. Kara talks with Alex, whose memories have been restored, about the Lex situation. Alex reveals that memories of the rest of the crew, minus Lena, have also been restored by J’onn. However, J’onn is unable to restore the whole population’s memories as it would lead to minds literally being blown!

Kara is disgusted that everyone, including Andrea and Dey, are on the Lex Luthor train. Speaking of Andrea, she has Kara and Dey scheduled to cover Lex’s acceptance of the Man Of Tomorrow award. In addition, the head of CatCo is also, unbeknownst to her, being manipulated by Leviathan once more. This time, however, it is Gamemnae (Cara Buono) posing as her mentor Gemma. “Gemma” urges her toward creating a virtual that no one will want to leave.

Meanwhile, Lex tries to pull Lena to his side. He reveals that he bartered with the Monitor to save her and her memories in exchange for his help in the Crisis. She is shocked at his return and still harbors resentment toward him. Lena sees through his charade that death has changed him.

Elsewhere, Brainy and Nia enjoy a nice stroll to get smoothies. However, their smoothie date is upended when they discover an even more quirky doppelganger of Brainy. The two arrest each other and go to the DEO. Once there, three other doppelgangers reveal themselves: an eye patch wearing Brainy, a nervous leather jacket sporting Brainy, and a female Brainy (Meaghan Rath, Jesse Rath’s real life sister). In all of the confusion, the eye patch wearing Brainy glitches and collapses dead. His last words are do not open the bottle. The Brainiacs determine their fellow Coluan was killed by the Anti-Life Equation, as biosynthetic virus that is specifically deadly to their kind. The DEO team then investigate which leads them to a wild discovery. Al’s alien bar is now home to multiple doppelgangers from other earths that were destroyed during the Crisis. Among these displaced beings are doppelgangers of the Kryptonian witches who created Reign, who act as psychics. Long story short, Leather Jacket Brainy is revealed to be an evil Brainy, who captured his Earth in a bottle before the anti-matter wave hit. He now seeks an Argonian device to help open the bottle and release his universe. However, such an act will destroy that world as well as Earth-Prime. He reveals that he killed Eye-Patch Brainy to stop him from interfering with his plans. Nia confronts this evil Brainy and almost dies in the process, but Supergirl and Brainy Prime save her.

Throughout the episode, Brainy struggles with accepting his true self. Female Brainy is shocked that our Brainy is not fully connected to the Coluan Big Brain. He explains that he uses inhibitors as he is afraid of his true potential. He does not want to harm the people he loves. Both Female Brainy and later Kara give him some sound advice: Love is not meant to limit you. Brainy shares the backstory of his inhibitors with Kara saying that his father placed them there when he was only eight years old. Brainy and his family visited the snow. His mother capture the whole planet in a bottle for her son. However, his father unbottled it causing Brainy to become incredibly angry. His father placed three inhibitors on him for fear he would be like his mother. Thus, he has never fully calibrated himself to the Coluan network and reached his full potential. Kara promises him that they will be there for him no matter what happens should he take them off.

Following this deeply emotional moment, the team tracks evil Brainy to Al’s bar as he recruits the witches to help him unlock the bottle. They engage in a crazy “bar fight” set to Nsync’s “It’s Gonna Be Me” and successfully thwart the evil Coluan’s plan. One of Brainy Prime’s inhibitors is damaged in the scuffle prompting Nia to encourage him to remove the others. He does and transforms into his true self: green skin, a new suit, and long white/blonde hair. Brainy, with an assist from Supergirl, reach the troubled Brainiac-5 and convince him that they can help him restore his world safely. The Coluan and the witches are then sucke into the bottle with the rest of their world to wait for that day.

Following the battle, the female Brainy and the quirky Brainy give up their physical forms and join the Coluan hive mind and are now represented as light discs on his uniform. Before joining the Big Brain, the female Brainy warns him about fighting Lex. She reveals that her world was a lot similar to his and that it fell apart when they fought against Luthor. She explains that he must work with Lex in secret and temporarily give up those he loves. Brainy then goes to Nia’s apartment and in a sad turn of events, breaks up with her.

Meanwhile, throughout the episode, Lena struggles to choose a partner for her second attempt at her Non Nocere project. She visits her mother, who also has knowledge of the Crisis, for guidance. The Luthor matriarch tells her that she should work with Lex as he is the devil she knows. Ultimately, she takes her mother’s advice, also a little truth from Lex helps as well. She reveals her intentions at the award ceremony. Kara meets up with Dey, who reveals his suspicions of the Luthors. He says he joined CatCo to investigate them as he has reason to believe they are behind his friend Russell Rogers’ death (This sounds familiar!). Kara urges him not to include Lena in his sights as she is good.

Following the award ceremony, Brainy meets with Lex in secret. He pledges his loyalty to him and promises to help him eliminate Leviathan. Lex is pleased, but also requires knowledge from the future about this threat. First, however, Lex reveals that a doppelganger of Winn Schott has arrived and must be stopped!!!

This was an incredible and insane episode!! I thoroughly enjoyed the many versions of Brainiac-5 especially our new,evolved,, comic accurate, Brainy. As I said earlier, Jesse Rath’s portrayal of this character is simply brilliant. It is also great to have Jon Cryer’s Lex Luthor back in the fold. He brings such an interesting dynamic to the show. I also found the subtle and not so subtle changes as a result of Crisis to be fascinating. Overall, this was a fun episode that looks to be setting up a very promising second half of the season!
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