Black Lightning – S3 Ep10 – The Book Of Markovia Chapter One: Blessings And Curses Reborn Review

Black Lightning returns to Freeland after helping to save the Multiverse in this explosive mid-season premiere!

“Blessings and Curses Reborn” is a fitting subtitle for this exciting first chapter of Black Lightning post-Crisis. Blessings come in the form of Jefferson reuniting with his family, but his struggles with them and the occupation are still present. This exciting episode served as a semi-fresh start for Jefferson and Jennifer (as she also found herself in a multiversal situation) as they return home to find a new yet similar reality. In another interesting development, Crisis is only remembered by Jefferson and Jennifer (kind of). The events of this episode continues the overall plot of the season without missing a beat. It’s almost as if the show is ignoring the events of Episode 9, which is quite fascinating. Let’s recap!

Following the events of Crisis On Infinite Earths, Jefferson returns home to find things are pretty much exactly as they were before he was taken. As he flies overhead, he tries to contact Gambi, but does not receive a response. Despite this, he recaps recent events to him anyway (which also serves as a nice recap for the viewers). He then arrives at Anissa’s apartment and reunites with Jennifer, who reappears on the balcony. Jennifer, having been trapped in her safe space, is now fully committed to the Resistance cause and is eager to find and kill Agent Odell. Jefferson urges her to reconsider as they need to find Anissa, Lynn, and Gambi.

The duo reunites with Gambi first and fill him in on their recent adventure. Gambi laughs it off and reveals he has no memory of them being gone. He does note that there are antimatter particles attached to both of them which he states shouldn’t be possible. With Gambi’s help, the two locate Anissa and Lynn, who are both in dire straits. Jefferson finds Anissa fighting off ASA agents in the tunnels, while Jennifer finds an erratic Lynn desperate to get more Green Light.

Meanwhile, Odell puts into motion the next phase of his plan which involves continued work of the metahuman stabilization (Dr. Blair has taken over) as well as increased monitoring of Jennifer Pierce. After Jennifer’s doesn’t return any of his calls, Odell has Major Grey send Sergeant Grayle and a control chip infused Agent Travis to apprehend her.

Speaking of Jennifer, following her reunion with her mother, she rushes to the aid of Brandon, who suffers a seizure which causes a city-wide earthquake. She is able to calm him down with a little help from Lynn’s meta stabilization serum. The two then briefly chat about their struggles. However, before the conversation could go any further, the two are darted and captured by Grayle and Travis. The duo wakes up to find themselves trapped in the back of an armored vehicle with power dampening collars around their necks. However, this proves only to be a slight obstacle as Jennifer manages to overpower the collars with her abilities. The two break free only to be attacked by Travis, who has been ordered to kill Jennifer, unbeknownst to Grayle. Travis fires several bullets at Jennifer, but they phase right through her. Grayle, having realized Travis was chipped, knocks him out before any more harm can be done.

Elsewhere, following his reunion with Anissa, Jefferson returns home to find a desperate Lynn and realizes she is hooked on a modified Green Light. Lynn is combative and denies being addicted, which saddens Jefferson. In the middle of this crisis, Jefferson gets a call from Henderson about the Resistance’s next mission: preventing a group of meta-kids from being weaponized by the ASA. Pierce suits up and joins the mission, but is visibly concerned for Lynn.

Speaking of the Resistance, while this overall plot is moving forward nicely, it seems in this post-Crisis reality, the relationship between Jefferson and Anissa has regressed slightly. Pre-Crisis, the two finally came to respect one another and their father/daughter relationship grew stronger for it. However, in this new reality, Anissa and Jefferson continue to be at odds with each other over their stances of vigilantism. Ultimately, this was short lived as they came back together following the success of the mission.

Meanwhile, Baron, aka TC, finds his way to Gambi’s and discovers the tailor’s ties to Black Lightning, Thunder, and Lightning. Using his tech abilities, he is able to discover the person behind the assassination attempt on Gambi. It is none other than Lady Eve!!!! The young meta collapses from exhaustion. Gambi assures him that he can help him as the meta is also unstable.
Meanwhile, following their escape, Jennifer and Brandon encounter Odell in his SUV. Jennifer defiantly tells him that their partnership is over. She blasts him, but Odell just chuckles as it is revealed to be a hologram. The manipulative agent assures her that she has made the wrong choice.

Overall, as I have said previously, this season of Black Lightning has been its best in my personal opinion. This episode was a strong return to the core storyline following the events of Crisis. I thoroughly enjoyed catching up with all of the characters and resuming the ASA conflict. The action and character interactions were top notch. However, my only negative for this episode was the return to the combative relationship between Jefferson and Anissa. I found this to be a bit exhausting and disappointing after the growth that the two previously came to prior to Crisis. However, this was again set right by the end of the episode. I sincerely hope that this remains the case and their bond is one of the best parts of the show. I also have to mention the fallout between Jennifer and Odell. I found Jennifer’s eagerness to kill him a bit much, but appreciated that she ultimately chose a side. I cannot wait to see where this storyline goes from here now that they are officially at odds. I also really enjoyed the budding mentor-mentee relationship between Gambi and TC. I was shocked to see that Lady Eve was behind Gambi’s “death” and look forward to seeing what this means moving forward. Is Lady Eve alive in this new reality or has she been resurrected?

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