Legends of Tomorrow – S5 Ep2 – Meet The Legends Review

So the legends are back (finally) and are experiencing legend mania following the defeat of Neron. However in a tradeoff to keep the Waverider Ava agreed to ultimate transparency and for a camera crew to follow the legends to see how they time roll.

Within minutes of Sara arriving back from Crisis the Waverider experiences a time quake and the team are quickly onto their next mission in 1917 Russia. The ressurection of Rasputin has sent the timeline into flux. Straight off we are seeing Astra using the souls she retrieved from hell to reak havoc.

Meanwhile Constantine and his new apprentice Gary are on the hot pursuit of demons. They arrive at one house to find the son Edgar climbing the walls literally. Constantine knows this demon and it isn’t long before the demon mentions Astra and her new quest to unleash the souls of hell.

Back in Russia the team and the camera crew are discovering that Rasputin cannot be killed by conventional means and Rasputin is after revenge on the Romanovs and its the teams mission to save them. The camera has the team mesmorised as they work separately to over come the threat. Nate decides the best way is to interview Rasputin and it is at this point that Rasputin confirms what we all know – something and someone is missing. Rasputin confirms it’s a woman but the hyposis is interupted by Ava, Mick and Mona. Nothing works and the team retreat leaving the camera crew behind. Its at this point that Rasputin invites the Romanov’s to tea and Sara and Behrad are just in time. Ressurection has given Rasputin powers that hypnotise the guards and team and a fight follows. The team overcome the hypnosis and the only way to stop Rasputin is to blow him up and store him in separate jars. The team return to the Waverider with a victory under their belts but the fight is only just beginning and Constantine decides to go soul searching to nip this in the bud. Have to give it to Constantine – drinking Rasputin’s blood does show dedication.

The camera crew are in awe and the director Kev has a Meet the Legends tv show ready to go. Ava knows how much Sara hates the crew being present and is struggling with Oliver’s loss so says the entire film is fake news. Their celebrity is now over but the legends are now free to save the time line from the evil souls of hell and to spend their days soul searching. Meanwhile Gideon has been suffering as a result of the change in the timeline and as part of the memory scrub finds a message from Zari – asking Nate to find her as Hey’World changed the timeline.

Its so good to have the Legends back onscreen. My week has been poorer without their craziness. This episode has given a small glimpse of the chaos that Astra will cause. Plus it only took how many tv series and episodes episodes for Constantine to get a new business card. Does it mean if enough people actually call they will be a separate Constantine Season 2. Lets hope Gary continues to re-deem himself this year? Will Nate be able to find Zari? Its odd how Behrad hasn’t mentioned his sister? What will the memory scrub do to Gideon and what other time changes will come out of Hey’World and Crisis.Guess we have the time to find out.