Supergirl – S5 Ep11 – Back From The Future Part One Review

A fan favourite character is back from the future for an exciting hour of Supergirl!

At long last, our beloved Winn Schott has returned albeit for a trilogy of episodes. Nevertheless, it was great seeing Jeremy Jordan, who departed the show following the Season 3, reunited with his former cast members. Not only did Jordan reprise his classic role in this episode, he also portrayed the episode’s villain: Toyman. This evil doppelganger of Schott arrives in National City as a result of Crisis and immediately starts causing problems for our Super Friends. In fact, his actions in the present ruin our Winn’s life in the future which prompts the latter’s return to this time. Let’s recap this crazy episode!

This exciting hour opens with Brainiac-5 capturing Toyman and delivering him to Lex Luthor (guest star Jon Cryer). As evidenced by their conversation, this Winn is perhaps even more twisted than the original Toyman. Luthor, with Brainy’s aid, sees the man’s potential and sends him to cause a ruckus at a Toy Convention by killing his “father’s” rival Chester Dunholtz. Lex and Brainy then meet with Lena as they plot to learn more about Leviathan.

At the ToyCon the following day, Kara and William, there to cover the release of a scarily accurate Lex Luthor action figure (I want one! Come on WB), have a very tense run in with the so called hero. William gets a bit ahead of himself and asks some pointed questions about alleged shady dealings concerning Rogers Materials and the disappearance of Russell Rogers. This causes Lex to threaten Kara saying: if you don’t shut down his expose, his death will be on you. In addition, he also threatens to expose her identity.

Alex and several DEO agents arrive as a threat was called in. Alex and Kara notice several toy monkeys ala the OG Toyman’s common weapons and quickly realize they are bombs. Kara prevents the disaster, while Toyman fires a shot at Dunholtz. Kara is stunned to see “Winn” and doesn’t speed to save the man. Luckily, the embiggening Legion ship arrives and blocks the shot. OG Winn steps out of the ship as the Toyman escapes.

Kara, Alex and Winn briefly catch up as the latter explains his mission. In the future, Winn is now a husband and a father. He is also being framed for murdering Dunholtz and many other crimes perpetrated by this doppelganger. He came back here to this time to stop Toyman from ruining his life in the future. Following a fantastic reunion with J’onn and a Crisis memory dump, the team, from their new base “the Tower” figure out how to capture this rogue Winn.

Meanwhile, Lena visits Andrea in order to get information on Leviathan. However, in this timeline/world, Andrea has yet to be activated by the shadow organization. Lena apologizes to her former friend in hopes that if Andrea ever does, she will give her such info. Following her meeting, she informs Lex of her findings.

At the DEO, Brainy gives Lex the coordinates to the Legion ship in order to retrieve future information on Leviathan despite his misgivings.

Back at the Tower, Kara brings Nia to aid in their search for Toyman as J’onn patrols the city. Nia uses her abilities, but she has a troubling vision of Brainy becoming a white tiger and attacking her. Clearly shaken by her vision and feelings for Brainy, Nia leaves the room. Winn follows her to the balcony where the two share a tender heart-to-heart. Winn tells her about her descendent Nura, who imbued some of her dream energy powers into a ring to give the only human Legionnaire powers of his own. He also gives her some great advice from Nura, “Never let anyone make you question your worth.”

This beautiful moment is followed by another tenderhearted conversation. This time, Kara and Winn talk the joys of parenthood. Kara opens up about her current journalistic struggles. She knows she must expose Lex, but Andrea is forcing her to write an exclusive on Toyman. She is also concerned about putting William in danger. Winn assures her that she will do what is right. She is Supergirl afterall! He tells her that “being in her orbit” is inspiring. This gives them both an idea! The quickly realize that Toyman idolizes his father like people view Supergirl.

This realization leads them to the villain’s “lair” where they find his next target: Andrea! The team quickly jumps into action and saves the tech mogul from several mechanical white tigers at National City University. In the chaos of the battle, Winn tries to reason with Toyman, but is unsuccessful as the latter sets off a bomb. The ensuing blast kills the doppelganger, while everyone is safely evacuated.

Following the battle, Kara meets with WIlliam, who is still set on exposing Lex. She decides to offer to help him, but tells him to be cautious. She also invites him to Game Night!

Meanwhile, Winn checks in on Brainy at the Tower. He invites him the the game night as well, but the Coluan refuses. Winn realizes that Brainy is hiding something and presses him on it. Brainy emotionally breaks down and tells him everything including sending Toyman to ultimately get information from the Legion ship. Winn is angry, but ultimately forgives his friend.

Meanwhile, Lex delivers the Legion Ship’s memory cube, which he bribed Brainy to get, to Lena which grants her the Q-waves she has been searching for in order to continue her project. In addition, Lex gained the knowledge on Leviathan he sought which included the identity of  Gemma aka Gamemnae.

Back at the DEO, a pixelated video of Toyman begins to play on screen among his vaulted evidence.

This was yet another fantastic episode of Supergirl, in my opinion. The action, story, and acting were all top notch. In addition, David Harewood continues to show incredible talent not only as an actor, but as a director as well. He showcased the action well and is truly an actor’s director. As I said above, it was great to see Jeremy Jordan back wit the crew! He has been dearly missed since his departure at the end of Season 3. I found his return to be well crafted and organic. Jordan also impressed me with his portrayal of both a more grown up version of classic Winn and the twisted Toyman, who may or may not be really gone! His scenes with Melissa Benoist, Nicole Maines, and Jesse Rath were particularly moving and well acted. I also enjoyed the Lex and Lena storyline in this episode as well. It was also awesome to see a version of J’onn’s Watch Tower in this episode! I look forward to more team meetings at this new base!

All in all, I cannot wait to see what comes next for our Super Friends!

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