Black Lightning – S3 Ep11 – The Book Of Markovia Chapter 2: Lynn’s Addiction Review

It’s team Black Lightning vs Odell and Painkiller in this week’s crazy episode of Black Lightning!

If I were to give out awards to the Arrowverse shows this season, Black Lightning would most certainly receive one for most improved. This show has rediscovered its grit and it has been quite refreshing to watch. This second chapter in the Book of Markovia not only deals with Lynn’s continuing addiction as the title suggests, it also sets up several other interesting side plots. Let’s recap!

The episode opens with A.S.A. Sgt. Grayle recording a message condemning the organization for their practices. He details their activities for anyone who finds this message in the event that he dies. Grayle did not sign up to hurt innocent lives, especially children.

Meanwhile, Jennifer and Brandon regroup at the Pierce safehouse. They are visited by Jefferson, who questions her and her ally. Jennifer comes clean about working with Odell and the evil deeds he made her do in the name of good. Jefferson is furious that his daughter has killed. Jennifer is firm in her belief that Odell must die. However, Jefferson still disagrees. Before he leaves, he tells Brandon to stay away from his daughter.

In Perdi Country, Anissa reunites with Grace, who has mastered her shifting. Grace returns to Freeland with Anissa, despite the latter’s reservations, when she is called urgently back there by Jefferson.

Meanwhile, Gambi visits Lynn, who is looking more and more depleted, in hopes that she can give him a vial of the stabilization serum. Gambi is desperate to help TC and willing to do whatever it takes to give back a life that he took as a member of A.S.A. Lynn agrees to help on one condition: she requires remote access to the Pit. Gambi grants her access with she is able to contact Grayle.

Grayle meets with Lynn; bringing with him her bag that she dropped when Gambi unwillingly rescued her from the Pit. He tells her that Dr. Blair, in his attempt to recreate her serum, has killed three kids. This prompts Lynn to take action. She along with Grayle’s help plans to extract Tobias from the Pit. Lynn develops a way to temporarily imbue people with known metahuman powers. Using this new serum, tested on Grayle, the two are able to break past the Pit’s security and free Tobias. However, as usually happens when dealing with Whale, he attempts to betray her while they wait for Grayle. Grayle arrives to find an unconscious Tobias as Lynn imbued herself with strength in case of a situation like this. Unfortunately for them, a Markovian suddenly appears and knocks them all out and puts them in the back of a van. The unknown man calls for the teleporter!

At the Pit, Odell (who is revealed to be from Gotham) expresses his disappointment in Major Grey. He berates her for her inability to execute his plans properly. Grey suggest a plan of her own: use chips and meta-stabilization serum via Tobias Whale to set up their army. Odell ultimately approves.

Elsewhere, Devonte meets with LaLa to discuss their continued operations concerning running guns stolen from the ASA. However, LaLa has also discovered a new competing business. He sends his friend to investigate the new competitor: a brothel that is revealed to be run by none other than a resurrected Lady Eve (guest star Jill Scott). The two then go demand an audience with her to confirm it. LaLa attempts to intimidate her into giving her business to him. However, this fails miserably as the enigmatic woman refuses. He gives her forty-eight hours to come to her senses.

Meanwhile, Gambi is able to stabilize TC, who then reveals that Lady Eve was behind the hit on the “tailor’s” life. Gambi assures the young man that Eve is no longer a threat as she has been dead for some time (little does he know!).  An angry Jefferson, having recruited Anissa, arrives and formulates a plan to stop Odell.

The trio of Black Lightning, Thunder, and Gambi are successful in capturing the manipulative ASA director and make him think they plan to torture him. In actuality, they just want him to talk.

At the A.S.A., Major Grey activates Painkiller and orders him to kill the entire Pierce family.

Jennifer, growing impatient, decides she must take action against Odell. Brandon convinces her to bring him along as well. The duo go to Gambi’s where she picks up her suit and Brandon discovers her family’s secrets. They also discover that her family has Odell captured!

Team Black Lightning, using the audio they recorded from Odell’s “torture,” create a realistic hologram to order the A.S.A. out of Freeland. An angry Jennifer arrives, but before she can truly express her frustration at her father for not including her, the ASA attacks! Much to the young vigilante’s horror, she comes face to face with Khalil, whom she did not know was alive. Her family tries to tell her that he is no longer the man she knew, but only a killer. She refuses to accept this and attempts to reason with him while a chaotic battle ensues. As the Pierce family fights Painkiller, the other ASA agents free Odell and escape with him. Jennifer uses her powers to restrain her father and sister as she tries one last time to get through to Khalil. However, once she realizes it is isn’t working, she turns her lightning on him saving her family. They take Khalil’s unconscious body back to Gambi’s for analysis. TC uses his abilities to “talk” to Khalil, who reveals that he loves Jennifer.

This explosive episode of Black Lightning was packed with awesome action, compelling drama, and fantastic reveals! Once again, Bill Duke steals the show as Odell. Glad to see he is still the same manipulative jerk as he was pre-Crisis. In addition, it was great to see Will Catlett’s LaLa and the return of Jill Scott as Lady Eve! I figured that she would return in the flesh after the revelation that she was behind the hit on Gambi. Scott’s performance is stellar! I cannot wait to see where her story goes from here! My only complaint for this hour was the lack of interaction between Lynn and the rest of the family. I would hope that Jefferson, Gambi, and the girls would care about her condition/addiction issue. Hopefully, this is resolved in the near future!

Overall, this was yet another exceptional episode that furthered the plot in an interesting way!

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