Smallville – S1 Ep13 – Kinetic Review

Kinetic starts with the Luthor mansion being robbed by thieves who have the ability to walk through walls. The break in happens while Clark and Chloe are interviewing Lex for the school paper. I enjoyed the robbery scene as it reminded me of the opening from Beverly Hills Cop 2, where Brigitte Nielsen knew the exact amount of time needed to rob a jewellery store before the police arrived. In the episode I was waiting for them to leave an envelope with a letter of the alphabet on it! But instead Clark and Chloe happen upon the thieves. When Clark attempts to stop them we see they have tattoos infected with meteor rocks and as Chloe tries to get away she is pushed out of a high level window. Quite a dramatic pre-credits scene.

While Chloe is in hospital Clark tries to make himself useful at the farm by ‘chopping’ wood with his bare hands. His parents are there for him to let him know that what happened wasn’t his fault but also encourage him to find out who is responsible. The thieves decide they need another man and set their sights on Whitney whose story takes a more central role for the rest of this episode. He is depressed after losing his football scholarship and facing the prospect of working in his Dad’s store in Smallville for the rest of his life. When his new found friends give Whitney a tattoo he also develops the ability to walk through solid objects.

Given his current situation Whitney chooses to join his new friends and their plan to extort Lex for more money. Clark follows Whitney to the meet and questions why Lex agreed to an exchange rather than go to the police. Lex also has his questions for Clark who tells Lex he just wants to help Whitney. A story Lex has heard before and knowing of Clark’s guilt over not being able to save Chloe from getting injured he tells him ‘you can’t save the world, all you’ll end up with is a messiah complex and a lot of enemies’. Clark response being that him saving Lex turned out alright… if only Clark had a crystal ball!

The investigation scene that normally would take place at The Torch happens in Chloe’s hospital room when she, Clark and Pete figure out how the thieves got their abilities. Whitney does the right thing and goes to Clark for help before the gang escalate any further. With the help of Lex, Clark is able stop the thieves and save Whitney.

Elsewhere in the episode Lana finds out that Lex is the buyer of her aunts business. Wanting to keep the building in the same condition as it was when her parents first met she proposes Lex turn it into a cafe. Lex jumps at the chance to make Lana happy and also make himself some money as well. The Talon becomes one of his many acquisitions but also serves the plot as it will become a regular set where many characters either end up living or working. Overall a great episode with development for a lot of the characters stories.