The Flash – S6 Ep11 – Love Is A Battlefield Review

It’s Valentines Day in Star City and love is well and truly in the air. This episode leans more towards the fun element of the show whilst slowly building on that brilliant cliffhanger of Iris in the mirror last week.

Iris comes back through and during a romantic breakfast she’s cooked for Barry, threads start to unravel and it’s very apparent that this isn’t our Iris. As much as I’m craving to find out more about what happened to Iris when she was dragged into the mirror, the fun Love Is A Battlefield brought acted as a nice post Crisis breather and perhaps a quick diversion before we get down to the nitty gritty for the rest of season 6.

I’m not the biggest fan of Amunet Black but her return did bring about some funny moments as her angst towards old ‘friend’ Goldface, turns out to be down to a deep rooted lust. Frost and Allegra go on their own quest for love too which kind of acts as a way of establishing Allegra’s connection to the wider cast.

The stand out once again this week was Candice Patton. This mirror version of Iris had bundles of attitude and some new talents which take Barry by surprise. Candice has taken the role from strength to strength and I actually love that she’s become central to the Mirror Master storyline so far. I also think it’s been interesting to see Barry slow down as The Flash. It’s almost like a well deserved break after a tough week at work and it works well in context. Let’s hope someone frees real
Iris soon though, surely there’s only so long you can stare at yourself in the mirror for!