Supergirl – S5 Ep12 – Back From The Future Part Two Review

Directed by Alexis Ostrander
Written by Rob Wright & J. Holtham

Deception is everywhere in this exciting episode of Supergirl as the Toyman story comes to a close!

“Who is playing whom?” That is the question the best sums up this latest, well crafted chapter in the story of the Girl of Steel. “Back From The Future Part 2” not only showcases various deceptions, but also gives Winn some much needed closure. Let’s recap!

The episode kicks off with Kara and her friends enjoying karaoke night at the bar. In a simply delightful sequence, Kara and William (who was also invited) perform a duet of Toto’s “Africa,” complete with air guitar and harmonizing! Alex reveals to J’onn that she is spying on Lex, which makes him proud. Meanwhile, however, Lex calls Brainy with orders to fix the Alex problem. Following their performance, William asks Kara out on a date only to get interrupted by Winn, who alerts her to a DEO situation.

The team quickly finds that the DEO’s own drones have attacked the facility courtesy of Toyman. They determine that the villain was able to upload his consciousness into their system with the eventual goal to infiltrate the entire internet and thus live forever. Winn recognizes the code as his father’s last work which makes him uneasy. They are then greeted by Digital Toyman who demands to be allowed free reign or he will turn all of their tech against them. Alex then orders the agents to gather all the tech and remove smart chips or anything the AI can access, while Brainy is successful in isolating Toyman to a single server above the power core.

In a bit of comedic moment, as the team sets out to their tasks, an old fashioned telephone rings. It’s Lex, who reminds Alex that the Kryptonite safeguards will not be shut down. Unfortunately, this makes things difficult for Supergirl. Kara and Winn set out to locate Toyman’s code in the server. Before he joins her, however, he checks in with Brainy and asks him if he has this Lex thing under control. Brainy assures him that he does.

While the others tend to their tasks, Brainy calls Lex, who orders him to make a copy of the Toyman code as it is key in their fight against Leviathan. Brainy complies. Supergirl and Computer Lad (Winn’s Legionnaire Name) scan the servers and are able to locate the code, which Winn reveals to have originally been his creation co-opted by his father. They also have a heart-to-heart about relationships as Kara admits to liking William. She doesn’t want to enter a relationship though as she fears that her being double life makes it impossible to have such relationships. Their conversation is interrupted by the appearance of digital Winslow Sr. (Winn’s father was able to upload 80% of himself before he died) on screen. He urges his son to let him out so that he can help them take down Toyman. Winn refuses as he knows his father’s ways. Kara suggests that it is possible that the original Toyman has changed and offers the example of J’onn and his brother. This does not convince Winn, who is determined to delete both of them.

Meanwhile, Brainy hacks Alex’s tablet and removes her spyware as per Lex’s orders. Unfortunately for him, Alex finds out and confronts him. She accuses him of hiding something, but he deflects saying he removed it for her own safety from Lex.

The Toyman AI is able to access secret Lexosuits and begins attacking the DEO, which prompts “Computer Lad” to use his tech to enter the digital world to enter the kill code from the inside. In the digital world, Winn finds himself in a fight with his evil double and face to face with his father. Toyman Sr. once again offers his help against the evil Winn. He reveals that he has read about his exploits and is proud of the hero he has become. He claims that while he may not have completely changed, Winn is the best of him. Realizing his father is telling the truth, Winn releases him and is able to enter the kill code which causes both Toymen to pixel out of existence.

Meanwhile, Supergirl, Alex, and Brainy fight off the Lexosuits and are successful in stopping them thanks to Brainy’s flashiness and Winn of course.
Following the battle, Alex gathers all of the corrupted tech and delivers it to J’onn, who plans to send it into the sun. Alex also announces her departure from the DEO as she can no longer stand working there with Lex in charge. She then accepts a position at the Tower with J’onn. Alex suggests that Brainy join them, but he logically states that it is best if he remains as their eyes and ears in the DEO. Speaking of Brainy, he is later promoted to Director by Lex following the delivery of the copied Toyman code! Why Brainy? Why?!!!
They superfriends then bid farewell to Winn, who must now return to the future having accomplished his mission. He thanks them for helping him with his mission and to find closure. Since this mission allowed him to make peace with his past, he announces that he will now claim the Toyman name and make it stand for good. Before he leaves, he also encourages Kara to go out with William.

The next day, Kara turns William down after feeling guilty over her earlier lie. Back at her apartment, Kara laments to Alex about her doomed relationships. She wonders what would’ve happened if she had done things differently. They then hear a knock at the door. The unexpected guest is none other than everyone’s favorite fifth dimensional imp Mr. Mxyzpltk (guest star Thomas Lennon)!
Elsewhere in the episode, Andrea struggles with her Obsidian Platinum lenses as the bio-link fails. Lena visits her and offers to help. Andrea refuses fearing their partnership could hurt their newfound friendship. Lex hears that Andrea turned Lena down and goes into action. He, via info from Brainy, tracks down Gemma Cooper aka Leviathan leader Gammemnae (guest star Cara Buono) and offers his assistance with their problem. Accepting his offer to partner up, Gemma visits Andrea and guilts her into working with Lena. Meanwhile, Lena and Lex celebrate their latest deception (as Lena was responsible for the faulty lenses in the first place).Elsewhere, however, “Gemma” and the old lady from Leviathan plan their report to the Anointed One claiming that have the Luthor’s right where they want them!

This was yet another fantastic episode of Supergirl! The action, story, humor, and acting were all top notch! It was a great conclusion to an overall fantastic two-parter. Jeremy Jordan once again was the highlight for me in this episode. I enjoyed that Winn was able to find closure and make peace with his troubled past. In addition, the various deceptions currently being carried out are truly fascinating!

Can’t wait to see where the story goes from here!

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