The Flash – S6 Ep12 – A Girl Named Sue Review

Let’s get straight to it … SUE!!! After 9 months of Ralph searching for her we finally get to meet Sue Dearbon and she entered the Arrowverse with a bang! Played by Natalie Dreyfuss, I would say she’s probably been the most exciting new addition to the cast we’ve had in a while. She is a sassy, hectic little minx and most of all the partnership between Natalie and Hartley Sawyer was spot on. Almost as if they have been playing opposite each other for years. There were some comic book nods too (sort of) with mention of her going into hiding to escape a villainous ‘John’ Loring and during a sub plot with Barry and Joe, there’s mention of Doctor Light. Ralph and Sue’s relationship is already entertaining and enjoyable to watch and I am excited to see more as season 6 continues.

We’re taken inside the mirror this week as Iris meets Eva McCulloch. Efrat Dor portrays a long suffering Eva, who has been trapped in the mirror for 6 years. Iris is determined to break them out which has surprise consequences for Eva. It’s unclear at the moment if Eva can be trusted but as this story pushes forward its exciting to see what will happen. The presence of Black Hole is becoming stronger each week and that’s the focus of Barry and Joe’s investigating during the episode.

Barry takes a back seat again this week and I will say that I’m ready to have him come back to the forefront. He’s had enough rest now! The arrival of Sue has brought a new spark to the show and breathed some new life into Ralph. He even got to show off some great Elongated Man skills which was in keeping of his humorous personality but showed off his badassness.